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6 good reasons to visit Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva. The capital of watch-making, banking and FN. But wait! There’s more! Geneva is full of hidden treasures just waiting to be uncovered. Let’s explore the city together in this short guide. Here are 10 good reasons to visit Geneva…

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5 mindful (and historical) spots in Copenhagen

There are times when the need to unplug and eliminate the hustle and bustle of city life becomes overwhelming, but where does one go to find a quiet spot in the middle of a big city like Copenhagen? With these…

Andersen Boutique Hotel, Copenhagen

Andersen Boutique Hotel in Copenhagen: The Perfect Autumn Getaway!

We love Autumn getaway’s – especially if there’s a little romance included! 😉 At the charming Andersen Boutique Hotel in Copenhagen, you’ll get the best of both worlds! Expect bubbles, love bags and brilliant breakfast; a perfect weekend getaway with your…