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hotel taschenbergpalais

Checking in: Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski, Dresden

Checking in at the historical Taschenbergpalais Kempinski in the German city of Dresden, is like checking in to a grand hotel from the past. With a central location and amazing city views, it’s the ideal base for a sophisticated weekend get-away.  Sponsored…

auto europe

A weekend get-away to Dresden, Germany

With its rich culture, stunning architecture and cosy atmosphere, Dresden is the ideal destination for a weekend get-away. Located just a couple of hour’s drive from Berlin and five hours from Munich, it’s fairly easy to get here – especially if…


5 things to do around Berlin for Easter

Having lived in Berlin for half a year now, I have slowly gotten to know the different hang-outs and must-see’s in the city (avoiding the tourist spots, of course). Easter is a great time to visit the German capital, but…

regent berlin

Checking in at Regent: Could this be Berlin’s most exclusive hotel?

You don’t automatically associate Berlin with luxury hotels and hospitality – perhaps that’s why it’s such a pleasure encountering the capital’s few exquisite hotels! But how’s it actually like staying at Berlin’s best (and most award-winning) hotel? Join us for 24 hours at The Regent….

grand hotel wien

Checking in: Grand Hotel Wien

If out-of-this-world elegance and superb hospitality sounds good to you, then staying at the iconic Grand Hotel Wien is an absolute must. Here’s what you can expect behind the glittering lobby and golden interior.  Sponsored Old-world charm in the heart of…


Roadtrip in Southern Spain: From Madrid to Malaga

Spain is one of my favorite countries when it comes to road trips. In a few hours, you can get from one amazing destination to another – and tapas, sun and laid-back atmosphere is all part of the package! Join…