All I Want For Christmas: 6 Gifts That Make A Difference

Let’s face it. Unless you have nerves made of steel and a (very) large portion of patience, Christmas shopping can be a rather horrid experience. Why not spoil your loved ones this year and give something back to the environment at the same time? Here are 6 beautiful gifts that actually make a difference. 

1. LSTN Headphones

A good pair of headphones never go out of fashion, especially if they’re produced by LSTN! The company uses reclaimed wood to  give their products a unique sound and look, still, it’s their mission that sets them apart from other headphone producers. With their ‘Giving back. Amplified’ program, they’ve helped more than 19.000 people in six countries regaining hearing. A beautiful thought and stylish gear – what more to ask for?!

lstn headphones

2. TOMS Sunglasses

TOMS originally gained recognition for their social entrepreneurialism involving shoes, however, they have an entire range of stylish products, including sunglasses. Every time a pair of glasses are sold, TOMS makes a donation to programs helping provide eye care to people who need it. We want all the stylish, sassy sunglasses! Check out the collection for both men and women here.

toms sunglasses

3. Reforestation of a piece of forest in Nicaragua

Tired of giving the same presents year after year to someone who doesn’t really need it? Engage in the environment by supporting the reforestation project in Nicaragua – the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. You can buy 1.000 m2 of forest (you’ll get a certificate) and thereby support both nature conservation and create a new income source for local families. The ideal gift for yourself or someone who cares about environment.  For more information, click here.


4. HERO bike

Know someone who loves to bicycle? Spoil them with a brand new bike from the non-profit company HERO, who gained a lot of recognition for their beautiful bikes made from locally grown bamboo. The mission of HERO is to provide job training, affordable housing and economic development in order to built strong local communities. They also produce skateboards, T-shirts and hats. Check it out here.

hero bike

5. Giving Key jewelry

The word is out: celebrities like Lindsey Lohan and Ryan Gosling are already wearing the key necklaces from Giving Key. Luckily, there’s more to the brand than producing trendy accessories. Giving Key supports social causes to end homelessness. The keys are obviously recycled and come from all over the world. Their unique jewelry collection count necklaces, bracelets and charms and they come in cute little gift boxes.

giving keys

6. WWF membership

Make a difference for wildlife by supporting the work of WWF. Give yourself or someone you love a gift membership – prices go from $15 and up and you’ll receive a nice gift certificate with information on what you actually support. You can also become a partner or support the work with endangered species or habitats. For more information, click here.

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