VIP & Butler Services: Tailor-made luxury experiences

Imagine a life where everything is possible. A life where luxury experiences await and you don’t have to do anything but enjoy it. Sounds appealing? Then take a look at the newly established Belgian company VIP & Butler Services. They’re experts in providing both hotels and private households with the ultimate luxury experiences through top professional butlers. And you don’t have to be a billionaire to join in. Continue reading if you’re in need of a little everyday luxury…

Expect the unexpected
The founder of the company, Kristiaan Polgar, had a successful job as a banker before pursuing his own dream of providing people with the ultimate luxury experiences. The dream became a reality and today VIP & Butler Services offer a broad variety of services for both hotels and private households – and it literally includes everything from event planning and doing the laundry to arranging private jet tours and perfect honeymoon experiences. And here’s the good news; everyone with interest in luxury and self-indulgence can make use of the private butler service! 

VIP & Butler Services already have fixed agreements with certain 4 and 5 star hotels around Belgium (Gent, Antwerp, Brussels and Bruges), but the list is growing and customers are always welcome to request a service whether they’re based at one of the included hotels or not. One doesn’t need to stay in Belgium to enjoy the benefits – VIP & Butler Services work from everywhere in the world and the butlers are always prepared to travel!
So what can you expect from a butler when staying at a hotel? And is it really necessary? Definitely – if you’re expecting the unexpected and require more of your stay than the average guest. For instance it’s possible to have your butler doing your laundry, arranging an in-room dining experience or even pamper your with luxurious perfumes and fragrances. The last-mentioned evolves around the tailor-made concept ‘fragrance butler’, which means that your butler will be at your service 24/7 with lavish and decadent fragrances from various perfume houses around the world.


Romantic dinners and high tea
If all this sounds a bit too decadent for you it’s also possible to hire your personal butler for more practical and domestic tasks. He or she can arrange transportation on land, at sea or in the air with a private jet, a limousine or simply just a regular car or train. The point is that you shouldn’t worry about getting from A to B, especially not when your butler serves as a private chauffeur as well!


Finally, VIP & Butler Services offer great deals through their popular packages, which for example include high tea with champagne and a romantic dinner in your own home. The common denominator for all of it is the ultimate experience of self-indulgcene and supreme luxury – be it on a regular Tuesday evening, in a weekend or during a holiday. As long as there’s something to be planned and organized – there’s a professional butler to do it for you.


We love the old-fashioned approach to luxury and service that originates from the whole idea of VIP & Butler Services. It’s not merely about the lavishness or extravagance of the concept as the elegant and refined thought behind it. Luxury should be handled with care and enjoyed to the fullest, or else is isn’t luxury.

If you’re curious about the concept or the company, please visit their website on www.vipbutlerservice.be.

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