Top 6 Travel Packing Tips

For many, packing for a trip is the least enjoyable part of the travel experience. Cut down on packing anxiety with these handy space saving tips and hacks, and you’ll never pack the same way again.


1. Roll your clothes up 

Instead of folding your clothes in the traditional way, try rolling them up. You’ll find that the little scrolls of fabric you end up with fit very neatly into your suitcase and maximise the space available.

2. Pack strategically

Choose your bags and luggage carefully – try to pick a bag or case that opens fully. Easy access means that you can pack strategically and you’ll be able to find everything quickly when you get to your destination. There are many places offering quality suitcases, even your local supermarket. 
Wrap your jewellery in cling-film to prevent tangling and tying together in your luggage. For small pieces of jewellery (rings, pins, earrings etc) store them in an old contact lens container or pillbox. For small stud earrings, Cosmopolitan Magazine recommends fixing them to a spare button (through the little holes) so that you can keep track of them.
travel hacks

3. Use your shoes

Pack socks, phone chargers, small containers into your shoes. It’s an obvious one, but it saves space and can also protect these things from damage.

Also, take a compact umbrella, or even better, a poncho that folds up to a small square (the ones you get at music festivals).

4. Use a tablet for tickets, books etc.

Taking a tablet on holiday is a clever way to travel light. Having a tablet means you remove the need for tickets, maps and books. It acts as a laptop, an entertainment station and a way of recording your trip with notes and photographs.


5. Identify your luggage with a ribbon

Put a colourful ribbon or easily identifiable marker on your luggage. This means that when you land at your destination you’ll be able to spot your bags quickly and no-one will mistake them for their own bags.

6. Use zip-lock bags

Always pack a few zip-lock bags for your trip. They have a variety of uses, from storing small, fiddly items, to acting as a water protector for your phone if you decide you want to take it to the pool with you. Have fun on your travels and remember to pack like a pro next time!


Ladies top tip: pack your underwear inside the cup of your bra. This will keep the bra’s shape and save on space for shoes!


Gentlemen top tip: roll up your belt into a tight coil and store it inside the collar of your shirt. This will not only save space, it should keep the collar of your shirt stiff.

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