‘The Traveler’: Our Very Own Cocktail – And The Man Who Created It!

Nimb, in the heart of Copenhagen, is much more than a five star boutique hotel; it is a lifestyle. One of our favorite cocktail bars is located here, and with its cosy atmosphere and broad range of drinks, there is no excuse not to stop by next time you are in Copenhagen. If you do – ask for ‘The Traveler’. Last-mentioned is our very own cocktail made by bartender Davi Braga. This is our version of a chic traveler on the go. Enjoy. 


“The Traveler”





The Bartender

Name: Davi Luiz Braga
Age: 32
City: Copenhagen
Profession: Bartender at Nimb


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Belo Horizonte, the third biggest city in Brazil, but for the past nine years I have been living just outside of Copenhagen together with my wife and three beautiful children. I have been working at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel for five years, but one year ago I started working behind the bar here at Nimb.

What makes Nimb so special in your opinion? 

What I really like about NIMB is the location. I love the old Tivoli garden, and I really understand why Michael Jackson wanted to buy the place back in the days! The garden and the hotel attracts an international clientele, and it is always inspiring to meet different guests from all over the world.

What do you enjoy most about being a bartender?

For me it is all about the guests. When I can feel that they enjoy their night, I have done a good job! Of course, it is always something special to serve prominent guests, but no matter who it is, I always do my best to make our guests satisfied. And I really enjoy when they take the time to compliment or comment on a drink.

When you are not behind the bar mixing cocktails, where do you prefer to go out?

I actually do not go out that often, but when I do, I like to start the evening by having dinner with friends, for example here at NIMB. Due to my nationality I enjoy dancing salsa and listening to latino music – Club Mambo in Copenhagen is great for this! I have also been to Hive a couple of times (night club in Copenhagen), where a friend of mine works. I prefer going out to places, where I know someone.

What is your own favorite cocktail?

A lot of men might prefer strong and heavy drinks, but I have to admit, that I am like a girl when it comes to cocktails! I prefer sweet cocktails like a well-made Strawberry Daiquiri, but my absolute favorite has to be a Cuban Mojito!