The story of a world citizen….

…or why I gave up being attached to one place.

At a certain point in my life I gave up thinking that I belonged to one specific place. My transformation from being an absolute stay-at-home to a nomad (in the positive sense of the word) happened when I was in my early 20’s, and no one saw it coming. As a child I loved the safe harbour of home and I imagined that no place in the world would match it. Little did I know that my life was about to change forever when I embarked on the airplane to Switzerland that freezing winter day in 2008.

The feeling of being on rocky ground all on your own might be familiar to many other travelers out there, and it is a strange yet deeply satisfying feeling. Not knowing the language and cultural customs might seem like a big challenge to begin with; to be honest, it can be a frightening experience if it is your first time, but as with most other things in life, you survive. The language part comes quickker than one can imagine, and the rest just follows. People are meant to move, which is also why we adapt so easily.


Soul fulfilling

I thank myself everyday for taking the risk of moving abroad at the age of 19 – when I was most vulnerable and impressionable. Moving or traveling solo is never too late, but when you are exposed to it from such an early age it leaves a mark on you for the rest of your life. I realized it would be difficult to move back for good after 3 years in Switzerland and deep down I knew it would not be my ”last stop”.

Today I travel as much as I can to continuously fill my soul with the joy of meeting new people, new customs and new breathtaking locatins. The great thing for me is to move; to challenge my comfort zone.

There is no better feeling than falling completely and utterly in love with a place, be it a city or a country. It comes close to real love when you book your flight to visit a much loves destination and when you finally get to ’re-unite’. Travel truly takes your breath away and turns you into a storyteller, but most importantly; it makes you a global citizen with a great capability and understanding of your surroundings.. Something most of us could need a little more of, don’t you think?

Forget the need to for a moment, just get out there and get blown away by the magic of this world. It is true what they say; travel is the only thing you can not buy that makes you richer.


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