The importance of travel insurance (and how to gain 10% on your next one!)

For those who have ever lost a bag, missed a plane or encountered a thief on a vacation; I guess you know the importance of a travel insurance. For all the rest of us (yes, I just bought mine last year!); maybe it is about time to do something about it. Unless you are a broker in the business, the word ‘insurance’ does not sound appealing at all, but a travel insurance is much needed when you are stuck on the other side of the world without a passport or your luggage. Learn a thing or two about insurance in the following article (and gain 10% on your next one!) 

Travel safe

First of all, what is travel insurance? You can insure practically everything, your house, your car, even your pets. So why not insure your belongings on travels? According to historical data, Babylonian and Chinese traders invented insurance more than 2.000 years ago. Travel insurance was not invented before 1864 though, where a company simply called ‘Travelers Insurance Company’ would insure clients against loss of life or personal injury. Today, hundreds of companies worldwide offer travel insurance catering for specific needs and types of travels. One of these companies are SafeAway – a Danish company selling budget friendly insurance online. Forget about difficult and old-fashioned procedures; with only a couple of clicks you can buy an affordable insurance and get the insurance policy in your inbox just minutes later.


SafeAway offers a range of different insurances covering anything from cancellations to incoming insurance (foreigners living temporarily in Denmark). Last year I purchased a yearly coverage, which covers all journeys under 31 days. For travelers embarking on longer journeys, a single travel insurance is recommended.

Regardless if you are embarking on the trip of a lifetime or just spending your next weekend abroad, now is the time to buy your travel insurance! In collaboration with SafeAway we offer you 10% discount on any insurance – get started by clicking HERE. 

For further questions regarding coverage and which travel insurance fits you best go to www.safeaway.dk or call +45 44451700.


“Eat well – travel safe” – The Copenhagen Traveler


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