The benefits of solo travel (and how to overcome the fear of it)

Traveling alone can be a dreadful affair for many, but somehow it has become increasingly popular in recent years. Even though it might be something you need to overcome, the perks are many once you decide to go. Here’s the top 4 benefits of traveling solo. 

solo travel

Freedom to do whatever you want

When traveling alone, you can’t rely on other people to make decisions for you – and if there’s a problem, you have to deal with it yourself. However, this will also provide you with the ultimate freedom to do whatever you feel like doing! No one is pointing fingers at you for taking up time in the bathroom, shopping a little excessively or because you just want to sit for hours at your favorite café wacthing people go by. It’s perfectly fine, cause you’re the boss.

Gain another perspective on things

It’s definitely great to be accompanied by your boyfriend, wife, best friend etc., but the truth is: you will only get closer to yourself and who you are as a person by spending a little me-time with yourself. Try sitting down on any restaurant or café by yourself – suddenly the coffee has a different flavor, you feel the air on your skin and the presence of people passing by. Once you’re spending time with yourself you will pay more attention to details and thereby learn to live in the presence. Big words, yes, but nothing but the truth.


Meet other people

We all know that traveling with someone might put a halt to meeting new people. Why? Because we often don’t realize who’s passing our way when we’re together with someone. When traveling alone you’re depending on your senses and it’s somehow easier to find inspiration from even the smallest things. Of course it’s always great to share memories with people you love, but if you want to meet new people and perhaps even make friends for life, traveling solo could be your solution! There’s loads of meeting points for solo travelers around the globe, which should make things even easier.

Be independent

There’s nothing more satisfying than solving a problem and making things work than when you’re on your own! After traveling alone 1, 2 or even 3 times you’ll notice that it will be easier for you to be in charge and  act as a problem-solver. Life won’t put you out of balance so easily and that is a gift in itself!


How do you feel about solo travel? Do you like it or do you prefer traveling with someone else? Please share your thoughts below.

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