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Naemi: A (new) Yoga & Meditation Center in Northern Denmark

I recently visited the beautiful yoga and meditation center ‘Naemi’, which is located just 45 minutes North of Copenhagen. Nestling in beautiful nature surroundings overlooking one of the biggest lakes in Denmark, this place is soothing for both body, mind…

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Kari Traa GIVEAWAY: Win exclusive yoga outfits

Norwegian brand Kari Traa is one of the fastest growing sports brands in Europe. Founded by Olympic champion and freestyle skier, Kari Traa, in 2002, the idea behind the brand is to create feminine and high quality sports and training…

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5 spectacular meditation/mindfulness retreats in Europe

We all occasionally need to unwind from our hectic everyday life, hence the invention of meditation and mindfulness retreats. Embark on a journey of self-growth and inner peace in one of these five spectacular places: it’s an investment in yourself and…