Spacruise: Pure pampering at sea

Regular spa experiences as we know them are ‘so last season’; the new concept combines view of the sea and distant skies with the ultimate pampering experience! If that sounds appealing to you, you might consider a spa cruise for your next holiday. Leave your prejudices about boring cruises at home and join us for a top modern and luxurious adventure at sea. Welcome on board! 

A buffet of well-being
If you choose a spa cruise you grant yourself permission to a paradise of wellness and well-being. Imagine – an entire vacation dedicated to just that!A spa cruise is often known by the broad variety of treatments on board, almost anything is possible here, and the staff is well-educated and dedicated to meet your needs – be it massage, beauty treatments or hair dressing.
There’s a multitude of different routes to sail, but two of the most popular goes through the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. We can understand why!


Choose your destination
Under normal circumstances one has to consider the choice of destination before reserving the trip – especially if the entire family is joining. That’s why cruises are ideal if you want to leave the planning to professionals and simply just enjoy your holiday from day 1. On a cruise ship it’s all about receiving and enjoying, and what’s not to like about that?!

The ships usually moor en route, which gives you the perfect opportunity to explore different cultures and destinations on the way

A cruise generally lasts between 7-14 days and you decide yourself where you want to get on and off. A splendid opportunity to combine absolute relaxation with a bit of culture in between.


Find your spa cruise
An increasing number of cruise companies have seen the light of day during the past 10 years, and that also makes it hard to choose. However, we have a couple of favorites, which include:



It’s quite simple to assemble your dream cruise experience and if you have any questions it’s easy to get a hold of a travel agent.

Have you experienced a spa cruise and was it recommendable? Then drop us a line at info@thecopenhagentraveler.com.

A selection of treatments on board


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