Samsø: A getaway for body, mind and soul

Often referred to as ‘the heart of Denmark’, Samsø is a small island with a lot of character. After my first visit last fall, I’ve been thinking about this gem quite a few times! Continue reading to find out why you must visit Samsø as well. 


Island life

I knew I was in for a treat when I embarked on my first trip to the Danish island of Samsø. In Denmark, people often refer to this island when someone asks for local produce and a high quality of life, cause that’s exactly what you’ll find here. For years now, both Danish and German tourists have flocked here to get a taste of that charming local life, which is so sought for in our days. Island life has always been alluring for travelers in search of peace and tranquility, but there’s something about Samsø that makes you want to go back here again. And again.

Samsø has approximately 4.000 inhabitants, and it can be reached by ferry from both sides of the country (Jutland and Zealand). While it’s often regarded as a summer destination, there are absolutely no reasons not to visit during winter, where you can snuggle up in front of a fireplace after long walks in the stunning nature. It’s rough yet beautiful – a beach stroll here will leave you with wind in your hair and a cleared mind – something we all need once in a while.

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Peaceful adventures

During my stay, I got to try out some of the popular activities the island has to offer, e.g. horseback riding, hiking and yoga. First-mentioned takes place at Nørreskiftegård – a traditional Danish farm specializing in renting out Icelandic horses. I’ve been riding most of my childhood, so to me, this was one of the highlights of the trip: getting to spend a couple of hours on horse back in open nature. An experienced instructor were joining the entire time and the whole session lasted about 2 hours.

icelandic horse

Next up was hiking – an inescapable activity on Samsø, where stunning nature lies before your feet no matter where you look. Even though the island isn’t that big, its nature changes quite dramatically from the North to the South. I’d definitely recommend starting at Issehoved, which is the northern-most point of the island. The hilly area of Ballebjerg will take your breath away – especially on clear days, where you can enjoy the endless views of the ocean beneath. There are nice bathing beaches along the coast of Samsø, and after July 16th, it’s recommended to visit Besser Rev – a 7 kilometer long reef, which you can walk on. It’s not possible to visit the reef before July 16th, as birds are breeding. The area is extraordinarily beautiful during summer. Make a picnic, enjoy the views and simply be present.


Last, but not least, I was introduced to the island’s yoga retreat, Yogamo. For one hour, I experienced pure bliss and relaxation as yoga teacher and owner of Yogamo, Anette Meldgaard, guided me through her session. I felt reborn and re-charged. Anette offers private yoga lessons, but also yoga retreats, where Samsø’s nature and serenity is incorporated – an ideal way to experience the island and yourself at the same time!

Samsø is for everyone. Young and old. Hedonists and adventurers. The charming villages, majestic nature and peaceful ambience caters to both body, mind and soul, and I certainly can’t wait to go back!


For more information, go to www.visitsamsoe.dk


The Copenhagen Traveler was invited to Samsø by Færgen.dk and Visit Samsø. All opinions are, as always, our own. 

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