Review: Restaurant Tårnet at the Danish parliament

A little less than a year after the opening of Restaurant ‘Tårnet’, we had the pleasure of enjoying a night in the historical surroundings. The restaurant serves grounded gourmet food, but it is the location and view from the top that makes the whole difference. Join us for a night at the Danish parliament. 


From Kings to politicians

A dining experience such as the one in ‘Tårnet’ is probably something most people haven’t tried before. The restaurant’s unique location in the tower of the Danish parliament adds an interesting and magical dimension, and the views from here are simply stunning. But of course, the government needs to take its precautions and so, all guests have to go through ‘security’ before gaining access to the restaurant. An experience comparable with the one at the airport, but nevertheless completely necessary. 10 minutes after entering the building, we could enjoy the splendid evening views of Copenhagen from above – a cold, but definitely recommendable experience.


The view from the top

Christiansborg is the name of the parliament where politicians have reigned since the beginning of the 20th century – but it wasn’t always so. The beautiful castle has a long history dating all the way back to the 12th century; it’s an historical portrait of Denmark’s royal history. Several Kings and Queens have lived here through time. If only walls could talk…
The castle burned down and was rebuilt twice, but many of the old details are still preserved. The spectacular riding ground dates back to the 1st castle from the 18th Century, and so does the theater and the church, which can still be admired today. Visitors can truly enjoy a wonderful sight when crossing the marble bridge, which gives full views of the entire castle. Today, all political administration is gathered inside the walls – the castle was inaugurated as a political institution in 1918.


The view from the tower

Nordic food with a modern twist

On top of it all – in the historical tower – the chef Rasmus Bo Bøjesen opened his restaurant ‘Tårnet’ (meaning ‘tower’ in Danish) in 2014. Here visitors can indulge in both the historical aspect of the location, but also in genuine gourmet food with clear references to the Nordic kitchen. On the menu you will find re-interpretations of Danish classics and luscious cakes and desserts from the restaurant’s own confectionary. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for an unpretentious kitchen with a preference for genuine delicacies. Don’t expect fine dining as seen in many Michelin restaurants around the city, but worship the authenticity and love of basic ingredients. By basic ingredients we mean pork cracklings and crisp Jerusalem artichokes (snacks), hake and lumpfish roe (starters), cod from the North sea and veal tenderloin with celeriac baked with hay.

The interior of the restaurant also reflects the Danish design heritage, which together with the food gives a great all-round experience. However, the historical settings, the old brick walls, statues and the magnificent view towards the riding ground is what makes the biggest impression. This particular experience is to be found nowhere else, which makes it an interesting stop for both tourists and locals alike.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday-Sunday, but if you have a sweet tooth, the afternoon tea with homemade pastry is highly recommendable!

For more information go to www.taarnet.dk.