Restaurant Kokkeriet in Copenhagen: Champagne and Petit Fours

The concept is quite simple; you’re heading home after a nice dinner out, but before you do drop in at Kokkeriet for a little self-indulgence in the form of champagne, coffee and desserts. Simple yet very underestimated. The concept of dropping in for a sweet treat somewhere is alive and kicking in many larger cities around the world, including Paris, Rome and Milan, but no signs of it in Copenhagen – until now. Expect good things from the Michelin restaurant Kokkeriet when darkness falls and the molecular gastronomy unfolds. 

An elegant secret
It’s not obvious if you don’t know, but in the heart of Copenhagen – in the quite end of a crowded street –  you’ll find the Michelin restaurant Kokkeriet. After 13 years in the game it’s still going strong and we believe that’s due to the cozy settings, sublime quality of both food and drinks and their missing skill of making a lot of show. Cause Kokkeriet keep things low-key in the good sense and they even mention themselves as ‘the discrete secret’. It’s always becoming to be the best in the league without flaunting it, and that’s why Kokkeriet is both an elegant and reliable eatery.

Kokkeriets hyggelige facade

After Hours
On this particular evening we didn’t come to enjoy a dinner, but to indulge in the brand new concept ‘After Hours’. It’s a brilliant concept if you’re on your way home, but just need that last glass of champagne or a sweet treat to round off the evening. As we all know, there’s always a good excuse to drink champagne, and so we did on a regular weekday around 10pm. The timing was indeed just perfect for a glass and a treat, and we were feeling quite peckish and expectant when we sat down amongst the other guests.

A friendly waiter presented the menu card and we just had to choose. The concept itself is quite easy to describe; a sweet treat at a Michelin restaurant, plenty of well-brewed coffee, delicious bubbles – and not least a high level of service! And everything proved correct from the beginning to the end. Yes, the level of service really does fluctuate from restaurant to restaurant (even the good ones!), but at Kokkeriet you’ll experience it to be a bit higher than other places around Copenhagen, which makes it an experience you won’t forget anytime soon.


We immediately fell in love with the dessert menu and rapidly chose ‘The King of Denmark’ and ‘The Giant Eskimo’ accompanied by two glasses of Krug champagne and two cups of coffee with milk.
If you’re into different and playful gastronomy on a higher level, you’ll instantly like the restaurants own interpretation of traditional, down-to-earth cuisine. Here ‘Beuf Bernaise’ isn’t just a regular steak with sauce on the side and a Giant Eskimo isn’t the child-friendly version in shape of a popsicle with chocolate on top. You’ll get surprised and your taste buds will definitely be tested! Dining here (even just for a dessert!) is a spectacular display of different flavors, both well-known and unfamiliar, which explodes in your mouth and excites both curiosity and astonishment. The well-assorted petit fours, which were served along with the coffee, looked exactly like vegetables. Apparently we had carrots, potatoes and parsnips for dessert, and for a minute there we almost seemed too healthy! However, the petit fours were made of marzipan.
Creativity is at its highest, wherefore the entire experience at Kokkeriet becomes something special at the very moment you’ll sit down at the table.

Kongen af Danmark på en helt ny måde...

‘The King of Denmark’

En Kæmpe Eskimo

‘The Giant Eskimo’

‘After Hours’ can be enjoyed every evening from Monday-Saturday and the owner of the restaurant wants it to be an impulsive and casual experience. However, we recommend to book a table in advance.
The prices are very reasonable:

Coffee ad libitum (different variants) + petit fours: 10 EUR (DKK 75)
Avec: from 16 EUR (DKK 115)
Champagne: from 20 EUR (DKK 150)

For more info go to www.kokkeriet.com or visit:

Kronprinsessegade 64
1306 København K

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