Rambla Tapas: Authentic Spanish vibes in Copenhagen

Have you ever been in Madrid or Barcelona? If you have, then you probably know how real tapas should taste. Now, Copenhagen offers its very own tapas haven as well – strongly inspired by the Barcelonian food scene. It is a piece of Spain right in the heart of Copenhagen’s newest neighborhood; Ørestaden. Join us for dinner at Rambla! 


A piece of Spain

Rambla Tapas is not located in a picturesque little atrium with cobbled streets and lanterns. There are no southern vibes in the neighborhood either, but when that is said and done, the restaurant might be the closest thing you come to Spain in Copenhagen. Ørestaden, the much-criticized “new” part of the city (approximately 5 minutes by car from the airport), is still finding its identity after years of construction work and new initiatives, but more and more people come here for a different experience, which now also includes the food. Due to this, Rambla had somewhat of a rough start. Recently we went there to discover what it was all about, and even though it was very cold outside and there were practically no people in the street, this urban restaurant was filled to the brim. We met the owner, Timo, for a quick chat and we instantly agreed when he said; “We are just doing what we have always done; creating quality food in a cosy atmosphere”. So far so good.


Quality and honesty

We were advised to go for the ‘tasting menu’, which consisted of 4-5 different small courses – true family style dining! Each course was carefully prepared and we were surprised to find both Nordic and Mediterranean ingredients on the plates. Fish, meat and vegetables were equally represented – my personal favorite was the chorizo and the blinis! Everything was matched with selected Spanish wines and elegantly finished with a heavenly dessert (a chocolate fondant) and a glass of port wine.


Rambla has capacity for quite a lot of guests, but somehow it remains intimate and cosy. A modern interior with beautiful copper lamps and refectory tables dominates the room and sets the standard for a great night out – be it with friends, family or your better half. There is no doubt about it; this place is not just another restaurant trying to prove its worth. The kitchen creates little wonders for Tapas hungry guests, who – quite frankly – won’t be disappointed. This is the place to go if you are on the lookout for tasty tapas in Copenhagen – and the prices are even reasonable too.

For more information visit Rambla on Facebook.