Ocean Club Marbella: A taste of the good life

If you want to live the good life, come to Marbella. For decades, the Spanish city has been synonymous with luxury and joie de vivre – something, which is beautifully captured at the prestigious Ocean Club located in Puerto Banus – Marbellas famous marina. Get a sneak peek behind the scenes at this years opening party on April 29th here – and get a couple of tips on Marbella, too. 


An elegant refuge

Not only is it one of Europe’s largest beach clubs; it also contains a spa, shops and a massage area. Ocean Club Marbella has been the favorite hang out spot for the rich and famous. Nothing has changed here, but even if you don’t happen to be either rich or famous, I still recommend visiting this elegant refuge on your next trip to Marbella, at least just for an afternoon. If it’s good enough for the sheikhs of United Arab Emirates, it’s good enough for you, too. But I’ll get back to this part later.

Each year, the Ocean Club hosts two major parties: the opening party in April and the closing party in September. Tickets are rather pricy, but the €300 are well-spent and they’ll get you through an entire night of champagne, incomparable sunsets, canapées (that won’t leave you hungry!) and dancing on the tables. So – what more could you ask for?

ocean club

Welcome to Ocean Club Marbella!



The theme of this year’s opening party was ‘futuristic’!


ocean club

Before the storm…

Let’s celebrate ‘the good life’

And speaking of champagne. If you’re a sucker for the good stuff (say, Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2002), you’d be happy to find out that Ocean Club are famous for their so-called ‘champagne spray parties’, which take place all throughout the summer. No further explanation needed, but rest assure that you’ll have the time of your life. Or at least one of them.


Views of Puerto Banus

On April 29th, the Club opened for the season – and what a celebration! The futuristic theme blended in well with the signature colors of ice blue and shiny white. Last-mentioned is a perfect contrast to the glistening ocean in the background and the soothing lounge music oozing from the speakers. A certain sheikh attended the party amongst other VIP’s, but the true magic lies in the celebration of the good life, regardless of who you are and where you come from. It’s the ultimate beach club experience allowing you to indulge yourself in the easy life and escape the hassle of trivialities. In other words: if you go here, you’ll most probably return. I know I will!



Dinner is served!

ocean club

For information about Ocean Club Marbella, visit www.oceanclub.es.


We were invited to the opening party of Ocean Club Marbella, but opinions are – as always – our own. 



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