Nose2Tail: Organic food pub in Copenhagen

One of my new favorite eateries is located in Copenhagen’s trendy meat packing district. It’s a haven for serious meat lovers and there’s Fernet Branca enough for everyone! Curious? Let’s have a look behind the curtains….

Meat in 3 different ways
When you’re entering the doors of Nose2Tail – also known as The Food Pub – in Copenhagen’s trendy  meat packing district, you’re entering another world. Not to make it sound neither mysterious nor paranormal in any way, but the scene of this restaurant is undoubtedly like few restaurants you have seen before. Built in an old butcher’s house, the ambience in Nose2Tail is both raw and and cosy with candles and dimmed lights everywhere. An obvious place for a romantic dinner!


We’re greeted by a very friendly staff, who instantly show us to a table and inform us about the current menu. The kitchen divides the everyday menu into 3 sections: the fish, the entrail (it’s more delicious than it sounds!) and the animal. There’s no hidden agendas and the prices are even reasonable too (20-25 EUR pr. plate).

We kick off by ordering a house speciality; a bowl of pork crackling. The guys at our neighboring table are enjoying the same appetizer and I immediately draw the conclusion that this is definitely a guy’s thing! Nevertheless, I change my mind quickly, as I lick the plate empty with my companion and in less than 15 minutes we’re ready to order our starters.

I’m going for the stirred tatar while my companion chooses another speciality of the house – the charcuterie board consisting of several variants of cold cuts and cheese. All this is accompanied by a glass of white wine and a coke (Fentimans organic of course!)

An organic approach
The concept of Nose2Tail evolves around sustainability, which clearly shows in everything from interior decoration to the food and drinks. The restaurant is heavily inspired by the British phenomenon River Cottage, and collaborations are primarily settled with small and medium-sized growers and manufacturers. “Happy animals just taste better!” is a statement to be found on the website of the restaurant and it’s nothing but the truth. Furthermore, everything from the animal is used once slaughtered meaning that no parts are wasted. Hence the low-key and very honest selection of food.

PicMonkey Collage

After finishing our starters the friendly waitress takes our orders for the main course. I go for ‘the animal’, which shows to be pork accompanied by fresh vegetables and cold potato salad. My companion opts for ‘the entail’ – fried liver. Yes, either you hate it or love it, but everything’s both well-prepared and extremely tasty.

A touch of Fernet
We round off with two classic desserts; a trifle with fresh berries and custard and a bowl of fresh strawberries with cream. Both of us were happy and completely satiated, but for those wanting more, there’s always the Fernet Branca (the signature drink of the restaurant!) In fact it’s so popular that the kitchen only serves the Creme Brulée with a dash of Fernet in it – plus you can get a Fernet shot for only 1,50 EUR! Cheers.

Due to its location, Nose2Tail can seem a bit hidden from the remaining food scene of Copenhagen and tourists have to know about it in advance, however, that’s only a sign of quality! Go here if you’re fond of juicy meat, a cosy atmosphere or simply something as rare as a genuine eatery with excellent service! I will definitely return soon!

For more information go to www.nose2tail.dk. 



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