My favorite Boutique hotels in Lisbon

The avid reader might know that I have a weakness for boutique hotels. That feeling of ‘coming home’ when entering a boutique hotel property is simply underestimated! Lisbon is full of them, so make sure to visit at least one of the following hotels next time you’re in Portugal!


1. Heritage Av. Liberdade

“Informal luxury and central location”

With a location right in the heart of Lisbon’s chic Avenue Liberdade and a stone’s throw from the historical center, Heritage Av. Liberdade is the perfect place to stay if you only have a couple of days in Lisbon. The hotel consists of 42 rooms, a fitness room, a bar/lounge area and a library room, but the most magical part of the hotel is the building in which it’s situated. The historical building in the characteristic light blue color, was completely restored by a famous Portuguese architect, who wished to capture comfort and style, but still reflect local traditions. Back in the days, the lobby area used to be a pharmacy, and one can still see old interior artifacts from that time. W: www.heritageavliberdade.com. 

heritage hotel


2. Santiago de Alfama

“Authentic, stylish and unique” 

A 5 star chic boutique hotel located in an old fortress, which only makes the experience even more magical. Stunning views of the oldest district in Lisbon, Alfama. Santiago de Alfama offers something truly unique – especially since there’s only 19 rooms available! W: www.santiagodealfama.com 

Santiago de Alfama

santiago de alfama.

3. Altis Belem Hotel & Spa

“A luxurious oasis in Belém”

Another 5 star boutique hotel, but this one is located at the waterfront in the charming suburb of Belém, just a few kilometers from Lisbon. Hedonists will appreciate the indoor and outdoor pools, spa, rooftop terrace and the splendid Michelin restaurant Feitoria. Sunsets are magical from the rooftop terrace! W: www.altishotels.com

Altis Belem Hotel & Spa

Altis Belem Hotel & Spa

4. Casa Balthazar

“A historical hotel with a family friendly atmosphere” 

There’s a rich history hidden in the walls of Casa Balthazar located in downtown Lisbon. The property was purchased by the owner of Lisbon’s most famous pastry shop in 1882, and he quickly established the production in the old house as well. Today, Casa Balthazar is owned by the very same family and one can feel the special atmosphere immediately when stepping inside the cosy living room. There are no more than 11 rooms and guests stay on a B&B basis. W. www.casabalthazarlisbon.com

casa balthazar

casa balthazar

5. Palacio Ramalhete

“Historical elegance and modern comfort”

This stunning urban palace has a long and interesting history including both royalty and nobility. The oldest part of the hotel dates back to the 17th century, and today, the venue serves as a small and elegant boutique hotel (one of the absolute best in Portugal, if you ask me). Past and present blends together; modern technology keeps you up to date while the beautiful courtyards and stucco ceilings reminds you of past eras. Palacio Ramalhete offers 12 unique rooms (opt for the garden room or old kitchen room if you can..) W: www.palacio-ramalhete.com

palacio ramalhete

palacio ramalhete


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