My Copenhagen – PART II

Copenhagen has so much to offer in terms of gastronomy, culture and shopping – but where to start? We have teamed up with a handful of local actors, designers and writers, who all have one thing in common; they love their city! During the next couple of months we will bring interesting and honest interviews with some of these people. For the second edition we have met jewelry designer and founder of JEWLSCPH, Mai Manniche.


Name: Mai Manniche

Age: 30 

City: Copenhagen 

Profession: Creative Director at JEWLSCPH




What is your relationship with Copenhagen?

I LOVE Copenhagen! As H.C Andersen said it; “There is no place like home”. I think that Copenhagen has everything a cosmopolite needs, be it art, culture, shopping, great restaurants and beautiful surroundings. I am born and raised just north of Copenhagen, so ever since I was very young girl, I have spent a lot of time in the city, and I still do.

Which part of the city is your favorite and why?

There are two areas, which I prefer; the heart of the city around Kongens Nytorv and Grønnegade, and the central part of Østerbro. Together these areas offer everything I need!

Østerbro is the place where I work and live. I have my shop and office at Blegdamsvej, where I for obvious reasons love to spend a lot of my time.

What I really appreciate about this area is that it is quiet, very green and close to the ocean, but it is still vibrant and alive.

I enjoy the quarter around Grønnegade for its atmosphere and the large selection of small, charming boutiques. There are often a lot of people on the streets and I really like the vibe here.


Which shops/restaurants are your favorites?

My absolute favorite café has to be Café Victor in the center of the city! No matter if I go there for lunch or drinks on a Friday night, it is a safe winner! I even hosted my 30th birthday there last year. The crowd is always great, so it is fun everytime!

When it comes to restaurants, I have a weakness for Sticks’N’Sushi in Østerbro – or MASH (steak restaurant) in Bredgade. One of my favorite bars at the moment is LUSSO, but there are new places popping up all the time.

When it comes to shopping my absolute favorite shop has to be Kassandra Shoes on Grønnegade! This shop must be every woman’s dream with its large selection of shoes, bags and jewelry. For presents I go to Illums Bolighus at Amagertorv – it is a haven for Danish design lovers!


Any other places you would like to recommend?

The food market ‘Torvehallerne’ is a definite must, especially in the summer time, where it is nothing less than the perfect place for people watching and sun bathing!


Where do you find the best cocktail bars in the city?

For me it is all about the vibe and the crowd. Since I do not drink alcohol, I am not very interested in the drinks, but right now LUSSO is a hit!

The bar at d’Angleterre is always a good idea as well, especially after they have renovated it.


What is generally your favorite thing about Copenhagen?

The best thing about Copenhagen is that you can reach everything by foot even though it is a fairly big city. I really love walking around and I often end up discovering some new details of the city that I have not noticed before. By walking I also discover a lot of small galleries and charming places. I love art, which explains why Bredgade with all its galleries and auction houses has a special place in my heart.


The absolute must-do’s for tourists?

You simply have to try the brunch at Nimb, experience Tivoli and visit the National museum of art!

If you have an interest in cultural matters, The Danish Design Center is a hit, and they have a lot of fun projects and events going on. If food is your passion, you cannot miss Torvehallerne, but make sure to take the time to see and taste all the food and beverages at the stalls.

If you visit in the summertime I would recommend Kongens Have (The Kings Garden) and the Botanical Garden – lovely green parks perfect for unwinding and chilling with friends.

A great way to experience the city as the inhabitants would do, is to walk around or bike from one area to another. Since my two favorite neighbourhoods are very well connected, I would start at Grønnegade, in the center, and walk all the way to Østerbro. Ideally you could stop by my jewelry shop on the way, and of course experience the castle, Amalienborg, on the way.




Interview by Helena Espeland