Luxurious resorts around the world: Top 5

The world is full of magical places that ought to be explored before it’s too late. But if you’re keen on luxury, like we are, there’s a certain number of destinations you might want to take a closer look at. Here’s our current top 5. 

Emirates Palace // Abu Dhabi

The Emirates Palace equals Middle Eastern luxury at its best. It has its own impeccable beach, a spectacular set-up of water fountains and the sun is always shining. What more to ask for? The interior includes no less than 1000 crystal chandeliers, an impressive spa area and more than 40 meeting and conference rooms – no wonder this hotel is popular amongst the wealthiest business men of the region!

Stay in one of the Diamond, Coral or Pearl rooms, or indulge in true luxury in one of the 6 styles of suites overlooking the skyline of Abu Dhabi. For more information go to www.kempinski.com.


Hotel Emirates Palace i Abu Dhabi. Mere luksuriøst bliver det næppe...

Mardan Palace Hotel // Turkey

The Mardan Palace is the owner of the largest pool in the Mediterranean, which can contain no less than 1.000 bathing guests at the same time (!). Behind it all stands a wealthy Russian business man, who decided to build the hotel in 2009 for the tidy sum of 1,65 billion dollars! A great part of this amount is seemingly spent on importing luxurious materials from other countries, for example sand from Egypt and marble from Italy.
The hotel has been mentioned several times to be amongst the most luxurious on the European continent, which says a lot!

Mardan Palace accommodates no less than 9 restaurants, which gives guests the chance of trying something new every night. Furthermore, guests will find an extraordinary spa & wellness area, where VIP’s can book their own entire spa for a day. For more information go to www.mardanpalace.com.


Mardan Palace Hotel Tyrkiet

Burj Al Arab // Dubai

It’s hard to make such a list without including the almost iconic Burj Al Arab in Dubai! The breath-taking skyscraper, whose shape resembles a gigantic sail, is considered to be one of the most photographed buildings in the world.
Here you can enjoy luxury in all shapes and sizes and the hotel offers pretty much everything (and we mean everything!) you can imagine – including private tennis courts and a helicopter landing ground on the roof! Furthermore, Burj Al Arab contains several restaurants and a whole army of chauffeurs, who will gladly take you for a drive in one of the beautiful Rolls Royces.

For more information go to www.jumeirah.com.


Det velkendte "sejl" i Dubai. Indenfor venter en verden af luksus!

Atlantis Paradise Island // Bahamas

According to the legend, Atlantis is a lost city deep beneath the surface of the sea, however, we’re pretty sure it also exists on the paradise island of Bahamas! This luxury resort welcomes VIP’s from all over the world with its large selection of gourmet restaurants and accommodation facilities. You can dive with dolphins, surf all day or just hang by the pool. And both 1 and 2 bedroom suites are available for those wanting an extraordinary experience – we’re talking access to multilevel pools, 20 private cabanas and live DJ’s.

Go to www.atlantis.com for more information.



Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas

Cuisine Art Golf Resort & Spa //

On the British-Caribbean island of Anguilla, this magnificent resort nestles between bounty beaches and turquoise water. Here, guests can enjoy both private villas and rooms, and the beach connected to the resort is undoubtedly one of the best you’ll ever come across!
You can choose to hang by the pool or the beach all day, do a little wind surfing or even try out the only golf course on the island. Amazing views are guaranteed!

The resort is a popular wedding destination and many celebrities come here as well to relax and enjoy the tranquil settings. For more information go to www.cuisinartresort.com.

Cuisine Art Golf Resort and Spa Anguilla



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