Miller Harris: Cult perfumes and signature scents

Do you want your very own signature – something that follows you everyday and something for people to remember you by? We have the answer you’re looking for, cause there really isn’t something like a good perfume! Face the world with a to-die-for scent that definitely makes you stand out of the crowd. We’ve taken a closer look at one of our times most interesting niche perfumeries; Miller Harris. 

The story behind
Miller Harris is an English perfumery that dates back to the turn of the millennium. In 2000 perfume creator Lyn Harris named her life’s work after her father and Miller Harris was born. Lyn has more than 20 years of experience in the field and she studied for more than 5 years in the most prestigious schools in Paris to develop her perfectionistic skills for making infallible scent combinations. Her significant style has transferred Miller Harris to a story of success – and the fact that she uses nature’s own scents in the perfumes only ads a twist to the curious yet traditional brand. Today women of all nationalities can enjoy the significant perfumes as they’re distributed to many countries world wide, and distinguished ladies like Madonna, Sofia Coppola and Kristin Scott-Thomas are already devoted fans.

Mrs. Lyn Harris

Mrs. Lyn Harris

A cult perfume sees the light of day  – L’air de Rien
One of the most controversial perfumes from Miller Harris saw the light of day in 2006. It was the year when L’air de Rien was launched and it took inspiration from a close collaboration with 60’s icon Jane Birkin. She is, among other things, known for being a bit of a Bohemian soul and after a short introduction to Lyn Harris they began to discuss their mutual interest; perfumes. At that time Birkin had several perfumes at home, but she never really felt comfortable with the expensive scents that was to be found on the mainstream market. Shortly after their first meeting the two ladies began developing a perfume, that Mrs. Birkin could truly enjoy as her signature scent. The scents that Birkin enjoyed the most was the ones she could remember from her childhood and other happy periods of her life; dusty books, the hair of her brother, old houses and furniture polish. It may sound a bit peculiar and something that supposedly would be hard to capture in an actual perfume, however Lyn Harris succeeded in making something quite remarkable. She created a unique musky scent with notes of amber, vanilla and patchouli, which has this kind of vintage feeling. The feeling that Birkin wanted to be captured.



Kultparfumen L’air de Rien, som er inspireret af Jane Birkin.

Miller Harris has a broad selection of perfumes for both men and women. You don’t have to be a fan of the above-mentioned notes to fall in love like we did; dashes of lemon-like, sweet or maybe even spicy notes are also to be found in the elegant bottles. Go get yours at www.millerharris.com.  


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