La Mano Verde: Biodynamic wine from Italy

A couple of weeks ago we wrote an article of the experiences we had during our stay at the old vineyard Villa Vigneto in Piemonte, North Italy. The very same vineyard has its own biodynamical wine production, which we had a chance to get acquainted with. But what is a biodynamical wine production? And how does the wine taste and differ from other non-biodynamical wines on the market? Figure it all out right here and learn where to buy the expensive but extremely tasty grapes yourself. 

Even though the meaning of the terms ecology and biodynamic resemble each other, the two shouldn’t be mixed up. Cause biodynamic is an upgraded form of the well-known ecological wave, which in recent year has swept through most western countries. And if you’re all up for the biodynamical way of thinking you’re serious about it! In this case quality matters most and products aren’t produced according to the motto ‘quantity is quality’ – it’s actually quite the contrary.
La Mano Verde is a winery which has taken the trend to heart – along with many other manufacturers all over the world. This year they have produced their biodynamical wine for five years.

Biodynamical wines are more expensive to produce than normal wines as they demand far more resources. Time is one of them and this is also the reason why biodynamical wines and other biodynamical products will never be mass produced. It will always be a niche industry, where details are catered for.

La Mano Verde was established by a Norwegian and two Italians which had one thing in common; the love for not only good, but biodynamical wine. The cultivation of wine without the use of toxic pesticides was the beginning of the production, which now includes the three red wines; Cento Ceppi, Ansema and Terra Rossa.

De tre rødvine, som produceres af La Mano Verde



The most simple of the three wines; a mixed whine, which is fermented and matured in steel casks. The Ansema consists of 75% Barbera d’Asti, 20% Bonarda Piemontese and 5% other traditional and local red grapes. It’s not as powerful as the other two wines and can therefore be enjoyed alone or accompanied by a light meal.

Cento Ceppi

This wine is solely made from Barbera grapes and it has the highest standard within Italian wines (DOCG). After fermentation it’s matured in French oak casks and the intensity makes it perfectly suitable for heavy and spicy meals.

Terra Rossa

The most special of the three is the Terra Rossa, which matures in large terra-cotta jars. Maturing wine this way is an ancient tradition that only few wineries use today, as it’s quite a demanding method only suitable for wines with great character. The Terra Rossa is matured for a year before it’s bottled and matured for another 6 months. It’s suitable with spicy food and dishes with meat.

En ældgammel lagringsmetode; terracotta-krukker.

So far the wines can only be bought through the Danish agent of La Mano Verde.  You can contact her at eva@well-life.as.



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