Introducing my new digital home: www.regitsececillie.com

regitse cecillie

Working with one thing often leads to another. It’s been a hell of a (fun) ride managing The Copenhagen Traveler for the past 3 years, and believe me, I’ll continue as long as I can. Still, building services on top of my brand is something I’ve been working on behind the scenes for the past year or so – especially after specializing in the fields of motivation, coaching and social media optimization.

Thus it’s with great pleasure that I can announce the launch of my new personal website, www.regitsececillie.com, which showcases my work as a coach for freelancers and female entrepreneurs, who all have one wish in common: they want to optimize their personal brand and live the life of their dreams!

After working with blogs and social media marketing professionally for more than 6 years, I reckon it’s about time I pass on my knowledge in the field. Being an aspiring life coach only adds to the value 🙂

regitse cecillie

Photo credit: Mille Ayo

It will also be possible to book me for workshops and seminars, where I’ll speak about freelancing and motivation – and especially how you can combine the two. I meet a lot of people who wish to become freelancers or self-employed, but they don’t know how to go around it. How do you get started? What should you be aware of before going on a life-changing adventure like this? And where can you get help and support when needed? All this, and much more, will be answered in my workshops and talks, where I also share my own personal story and why I decided to quit my job and studies to pursue a dream only I could see.

As I’m based out of Berlin and Copenhagen, most one-on-one consultancy sessions will take place here, but I’m always flexible! 🙂 Sessions can also take place through Skype.

If you wish to know more about my services, feel free to check out www.regitsececillie.com. 

I can’t wait to work on your brand (and dream!)


X Regitse 


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