How to: Create The Perfect Home Office

Creating the perfect home office is somewhat a challenge, but also more relevant than ever, as more and more people are working from their private spaces. We have teamed up with the Danish interior decorator Malene Marie Møller from the popular interior blog Boligcious to get some advice on how to create the perfect home office that will also spark your creativity.


How to create the perfect home office?

Of course it all comes down to where you live and how much space you have, but creating a work space is possible almost anywhere. First you have to reflect on who you are and what kind of elements you’re attracted to. Check the internet and especially Pinterest for inspiration, but also make sure to browse through different interior shops. Most creative people wish to be surrounded by things that stimulate them, and visiting actual shops enables you to find out what these things are.

What do you need?

It depends on what you’re working with and what kind of budget you have. But if you’re going for cool, stylish things of good quality you need to visit exclusive home and decor shops. Some of my Danish favorite brands for this kind of thing is Hay, Ferm Living and Nomess – and Kähler have also just launched a ceramics office range; a must-have for Nordic design lovers! No matter what you’re doing, a home office demands a budget, so be willing to spend money on minimum one quality item, for example a cosy chair. Of course all items need to be integrated into the room in which you’re sitting, so choose wisely when it comes to colors, materials etc. A good lamp is also important. The common thread in the decoration of your home office should be a general reflection of your home if you want to achieve a harmonious expression.

A multi functional box from Naver Collection

A multi functional box from Nomess

If you wish to create a cosy ambience with a ‘home feel’ to it, make sure to buy fresh flowers once a week, put some candles on the table and maybe frames with photos of your loved ones. This makes it much more personal. I also like to use sheepskin rugs, for example in a chair. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your home office, cause you will spend many hours there!

Budget or big spender?

It’s definitely possible to create a home office without a big budget. IKEA is a great alternative, but always make sure to mix the cheaper items with timeless and classy pieces of good quality. IKEA offers a broad range of office articles and boxes for storage etc. If you’re a handy (wo)man it’s quite easy to make your own desk as well. All you need is a wood board and a pair of wooden table legs – and the costs are minimal.
If your budget is flexible though, there’s no need to cut down expenses on key items such as desks, lamps and chairs. Take a look at Naver Collection – a Scandinavian interior brand with respect for craftsmanship and traditions. They provide quality desks in ash, walnut, oak and cherry.
A dining table can also make it up for an office desk – it’s all about being creative and integrating the different parts in your home.

A beautiful desk from Naver Collection

A beautiful desk from Naver Collection

Where to find inspiration?

There’s so many places and people through which you can gather inspiration! The internet is an obvious source of inspiration; use Pinterest and browse through web shops and home pages of interior shops. If you like the Nordic interior style, which is very popular at the moment, take a look at Hay and Ferm Living. And interior blogs of course…

How to implement a sense of traveling in my home office?

Travels and adventures are often a direct source of energy, hopes and creativity. So if you’re an avid traveler (or daydreamer) – why not implement it in your home office? Write down what inspires you the most. If it’s the feeling of being in a buzzing hotel try decoration your space as minimalistic and clean as possible. This kind of interior obviously demands that you’re not too messy, since this will only disturb the illusion.
If it’s the actual rush of traveling you’re looking for, put up a mood board with photos of exotic destinations, hotels and locations. Buy a wallpaper with your favorite destination on it or adorn your desk with a globe. Anything is allowed as long as you’re inspired and feeling comfortable in your own space.

Stylish desk globe from Wayfair.com

Stylish desk globe from Wayfair.com


Visit Malene’s interior blog Boligcious for more inspiration.

Also check out The Copenhagen Traveler’s office board on Pinterest. 





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