Benniksgaard Hotel: A romantic get-away in Southern Denmark

Whether you’re craving delicious food or beautiful nature, there’s something for everyone at Benniksgaard Hotel in Southern Denmark. Just 25 minutes from the German border and nestling between winding fields and the beautiful bay of Flenburg, this hotel certainly is an ideal weekend destination! Here’s my review.

History and nature combined
Benniksgaard Hotel is not a usual hotel, in fact, the buildings are more than 600 years old! It was originally an impressive farm governed by a family named Bennick (hence the name), but in the end of the 20th Century they were forced to sell the property. For about 50 years hereafter Benniksgaard was in possession of the abbey of Hannover until 1920, where the area was reunited as a part of Denmark. And the rest is history…

Today Benniksgaard stands as a beautiful reminder of the past, but it’s also a busy hotel bustling with life and visitors. After checking in I expectantly went to my room, which was located in the east wing; an old stable turned into a charming residence. And so I found myself in the Junior Suite offering both a jacuzzi and a king size bed. What more to ask for?

The Junior Suite

The Junior Suite

The romantic country side style, which dominates the interior of the hotel definitely appeals to both younger and older generations. But the best part? That has to be the unique settings and beautiful landscapes, that encircles the hotel. In connection to the property there’s a golf club and once you follow that, you’ll end up by the sea with the most breathtaking view towards Germany. I took a good, long walk after dinner and used the surroundings as a substitute for meditation. Highly recommendable!

Jacuzzi in the bath room

The bathroom

Down-to-earth cuisine and fresh ingredients
Benniksgaard is ‘famous’ for their cuisine, which relies on fresh, local ingredients with preparation of Danish/Italian inspiration. The chef isn’t skimping on portion sizes which means you will definitely be satiated once you leave the table! At exactly 6.30 pm the restaurant opens and all guests arrive at this point (neither earlier nor later!) During summer time it’s recommendable to sit on the terrace, which allows you to enjoy the splendid view, however, in winter time it’s cosy to snug up inside with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

My dinner consisted of three predetermined courses; a starter, a main course and a dessert, and for some reason it felt liberating to avoid spending half an hour choosing from a wide menu!

My starter was served by a young, but very friendly and service-minded waiter, who kept an eye for details all night. I quickly finished the first course, which consisted of carpaccio with slices of parmesan, salad and home-baked bread. It was good, but not impressive.

The main course was a mix between several Danish classics such as roasted pork marinated in beer and fillet steak with tarragon accompanied by a cornucopia of salads, vegetables and potatoes. Now, one might view this as a heavy diet, but never the less it tasted great and people around me were flocking round the buffet!

A foodie snapshot!

A food snapshot

The dessert was the least impressive part of the dinner. A so-called Swiss roll made from ice cream accompanied by slices of fresh fruit entered the table. First of all, I’m not fond of Swiss rolls (neither this version nor the original one), secondly, the ice cream covered in a layer of marzipan and raspberry sauce didn’t really fit together in my opinion. But the slightly voluminous wine suggestions made a perfect match with the menu! Both South Africa, Italy and Spain were represented and I enjoyed a glass of Ripasso from Valpolicella (Italy).

Total relaxation
There’s no spa at Benniksgaard, but massages can be booked throughout the day. The hotel cooperates with the nearby Marina Fiskenæs, which is an impressive spa and wellness center located just 5 minutes drive from the hotel. Wellness and romantic packages are arranged by Benniksgaard, if one wishes to visit Marina Fiskenæs as well.

A stay at Hotel Benniksgaard will leave you relaxed in all ways possible. You’re far away from the hectic everyday life and close to nature. And while you’re there, you might as well pay the royal castle in Gråsten a visit too!

For more information about Benniksgaard go to www.benniksgaardhotel.dk. 





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