HIX Mayfair – Brown’s Hotel London: An outstanding gourmet experience

About a month ago we headed to London in search of new adventures and extraordinary meals. Last-mentioned was put to the test at the legendary 5 star Brown’s Hotel, which is situated right in the pulsating heart of London; Mayfair. The hotel itself is a grand old lady with more than 150 years of experience,  as a matter of fact it was London’s very first hotel! However, we’re not going to talk about neither the history nor the pleasant spa area, but the restaurant. Bon appetit! 

Pladserne er indtaget og middagen på vej!

A glass before dinner…

The entrance at Brown’s is quite usual for this type of old, elegant hotels; immaculate, cosy and welcoming. The brits really do know something about creating a cozy atmosphere when it comes to hotels and the like.
It’s Autumn and quite chilly, the lights are on and the friendly porter smiles and welcomes us.

The art of food
We make a turn left and step into the restaurant of the hotel. HIX Mayfair pays a tribute to the British cuisine – and the national art, which seems to play quite an important role here. The walls are covered with works of art by some of UK’s leading artists and it makes a good match with the heavy wooden panels and plaster ceilings. So far so good, however we can’t help but notice that the menu definitely doesn’t reflect unexpectedness or creativity. Good, fresh ingredients and classical dishes made with love (and lots of calories) are in focus, which somehow seems to calm down us both.

A la carte
The menu at HIX Mayfair changes every second day because the restaurant wants to make use of the freshest ingredients of the season, as far as possible. Even the fixed menu is adjusted on a daily basis so that only the freshest, local ingredients will be used from day to day! That leaves us a bit impressed, but nevertheless we choose to assemble our own 3 course meal from the a la carte – naturally followed by a glass of champagne. We choose an Argentinian red wine (‘Pulenta’) ‘to accompany the dinner, and the dessert is enjoyed with a glass of port wine, which puts a perfect closure to the palatable dinner.

Vi lægger ud med en rejecocktail i nye klæder!

A classical shrimp cocktail served a little differently

Hovedretten: 300 gram velhængt oksekød. Dertil sauce bernaise og håndskårne fritter

The main course


Desserten består af hjemmelavet vanilleis, friske bær og porcheret pære

The dessert

Osten satte prikken over i'et. Udvalgtet her er primært britisk.

British cheese selection

If you find yourself in London in need of a good place to eat, we can definitely recommend HIX Mayfair at Brown’t Hotel! The experience is not only sublime due to a pleasant atmosphere and great service – the food itself is also top class! You’ll be disappointed if you rely on the modern and minimalistic, but greatly satisfied if you choose solid and tasty. And now you’re there you might want to pop by for a drink in ‘The Donovan Bar’ next door. We recommend the signature cocktail ‘Donovan Martini’.

HIX Mayfair serves traditional English breakfast, lunch, early dinner’s for theatergoers and of course customary dinners for everyone else. For more information go to: www.brownshotel.com

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