High Tea at Nimb Hotel in Copenhagen

If you have ever been in London you would probably be familiar with the concept of High Tea or 5 o’clock tea as the British like to call it. Now the concept is also to be found in Copenhagen at the historical Nimb Hotel – a must-try experience for both locals and visitors! 

Memories from London
I was 10 years old when I first tried the concept of High Tea at the fashionable Savoy Hotel in London. It’s a while ago, but it still lingers to be one of the most memorable gourmet experiences I’ve had as a child. Maybe it had something to do with the splendid interior and ambience of the Savoy, but surely the perfectly arranged plates of freshly made sandwiches, scones and cakes played an important part as well. I instantly fell in love with the delicate concept, for which reason I was thrilled to hear that Nimb Hotel in Copenhagen had adapted it – along with many other luxury hotels all over the world.

Nimb is one of my favorite spots in Copenhagen – it’s easy to reach, beautifully decorated and located inside the world’s oldest amusement park, Tivoli. On an Autumn afternoon in early September, it was time to try out their take on High Tea!


High Tea with a Nordic touch
As we sat down in the lounge a friendly waiter provided us with a menu card revealing the different servings we were about the enjoy. You can mix your own High Tea menu or go for the full works as we did – including both sandwiches, scones, slices of fruit and vegetables, sweet aperitifs and the obligatory jam, lemon curd and custard. To emphasize the Nordic kitchen, for which Denmark is so famous for, Nimb also serves variants of rye bread and crisps along with the scones.

But no High Tea without a proper selection of tea (it is a British concept after all)! Our waiter provided us with the tea menu and recommened a few sorts which we simply had to try out. We both went for a white tea with notes of jasmin, and I couldn’t help but order a glass of Cava too.
15 minutes went by as we enjoyed the cosy atmosphere and the fireplace in front of us, and suddently the smell of freshly baked scones filled the room.


I was pleasantly surprised by the tea, as I normally prefer coffee, but the friendly waiter was right; this one was quite good! The whole experience was truly enjoyable and even though I’d personally make some minor adjustments to the concept (fx raspberry jam instead of gooseberry jam), there was nothing to put a finger on.

Do yourself a favor and visit Nimb for a delicious High Tea serving next time you find yourself in Copenhagen. If you feel a bit full afterwards you can always take a stroll in the magical Tivoli garden.


High Tea at Nimb is served From Monday – Saturday from 13.00 to 16:00. Price per person is 250 DKK (or 34 EUR). For more information go to www.nimb.dk. 



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