From California To Germany: A Tribute To 2015

Another year has gone by, and a thousand memories from 2015 are running through my head. What began with an idea of creating a travel blog back in the summer of 2014, has evolved into a passion and a lifestyle consuming most of my time. Today The Copenhagen Traveler is more than merely a travel blog – it’s an online universe dedicated to inspire, intrigue and share the mesmerizing world of (luxury) traveling. Hopefully, we have shown you that traveling in style doesn’t necessarily require pockets full of gold – and that traveling in general is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness (like Mark Twain once said it). In 2015 I came to understand, that exploring what’s beyond the borders may lead to a greater understanding of both ourselves, other cultures and society as a whole. Something much needed in a world like this. So Without further ado, here’s a wrap-up of this year’s adventures – let’s begin in sunny California…

 And a merry Christmas and a happy New Year from The Copenhagen Traveler! ✈



Cruising LA with the obligatory Starbuck’s



A bucket-list experience: Flying over the Pacific Ocean (from Long Beach, LA to Catalina Island) on first row in a helicopter!


san francisco

Rainy days in San Francisco. The legendary Lombard Street with all its steps.


mandarin oriental

Standing on top of the defunct Mandarin Oriental Hotel in San Francisco – with a view to the Transamerican Pyramid!


calistoga ranch

One of the hotel highlights this year: the luxurious eco lodge Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley, California.


pacific highway

Driving along Pacific Highway (or Highway 1) in beautiful weather.


venice beach

Watching a dream-like sunset at Venice Beach on one of the last days in California.


nimb hotel

Back in Copenhagen: preparing the recipe for our signature cocktail ‘The Traveler’ at Nimb Hotel.


skt petri

We began shooting the promo video for The Copenhagen Traveler in February – here at Skt. Petri Hotel in the heart of Copenhagen.


the square hotel

We had quite a few hotel reviews in Copenhagen throughout the year. One of the first ones was here – at The Square Hotel at the Town Hall Square (which is a mess due to construction work!)



In connection to our promo video project, we borrowed this beautiful BMW X5 for a couple of days. What a beauty!



Spring break in Berlin: A two day trip to the German capital to participate in a blog workshop.



Exploring Berlin!



I spent my 27th birthday in Riga, Latvia. This small capital is so rich on history!



For example Riga is home to the largest food market in Europe! A feast for the eyes.



A 4-day trip to Côte d’Azur began with a splendid breakfast made by our host: Lulu and Daniel.



In the kitchen with Michelin Chef Alain Llorca at his gourmet restaurant in La-Colle-Sur-Loup.



Driving cabriolet from Nice to Monaco with Pascal – our host on the 3rd day in Côte d’Azur



Beautiful views on the border of France and Monaco.



A hot summer day in Gothenburg, Sweden



Time for the annual week in Greece! This time in Parga.



The picturesque village of Parga, Greece



Enjoying the Surfer’s Wave in Munich, Germany



Beer break – only in Bavaria! A guided day trip to Bamberg.



Visiting a coffee shop in Bamberg owned by two sisters. The best cakes in town!


gomorgen danmark

On national Danish television in June, talking about summer holiday destinations.



Time for champagne at Ystad Saltsjöbad in Southern Sweden


ystad saltsjöbad

A day at the beach is a day well-spent. Here at Ystad Saltsjöbad.



A personal highlight this year: I became a travel writer for a Danish lifestyle magazine.



Our skilled Photographer, Mille, on duty. View the result. 



The view from the magnificent Hotel Mandarin Oriental in Geneva, Switzerland.


L. Raphael

The best spa experience in 2015: L. Raphael in Geneva.



We went to the top of Mont Saléve in France – overlooking Geneva!



On top of Salzburg, Austria. Quite cold in September, but worth the while!



I received a diploma in the art of bio dynamical cheese making in Hallein, Austria. First cheese on the table was mozzarella.



A true undiscovered gem in Europe: Salzburg



A 2-week trip to Spain began in the gastronomical capital of Madrid.


juana la loca

Juana La Loca. That’s the name of Madrid’s best gourmet tapas bar. A must-try for tapas lovers!



We had quite a few of these in Madrid…Sangria, fresh from the market!



Chilling in Tarifa, Spain, with a view to Tangier, Morocco.



Visiting friends in Monda, Spain


tivoli victoria

From Spain to Portugal: the pool view at Tivoli Hotel Victoria in Vilamoura.



The best turndown service we have ever experienced!



A quick stop in Sweden with Ford Denmark. 


park hyatt hamburg

The first out of two visits at the elegant Park Hyatt in Hamburg, Germany.



In ‘the secret lagoon’.Iceland took us by storm…


kitchen bar

The best dessert this year was served at Kjallarin Kitchen Bar in Reykjavik, Iceland. Gold and chocolate is a great combo!



Boarding the world’s most exclusive cruise ship, the MS EUROPA 2. Destination: Dubai, Qatar and Bahrain.



Exploring Dubai by boat is a magical experience.



Local falconers in Doha, Qatar



The most luxurious coffee this year was ingested at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. A so-called ‘gold cappuccino’!



Dressed up at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.



The last trip of 2015: Hannover and Celle (photo) in Northern Germany.


I can’t wait for you to join us on more, exciting trips in 2016! Next stop: Brazil! 







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