Finnair: How Santa really gets around

Finnair claims to be the official airline of Santa Clause himself. See how – and why – in the video below. Merry Christmas!

Like most children, I was baffled as a child when it came to Santa and his hectic itinerary on Christmas Eve. How was it even possible to reach that many children in one night? Well, if you are still a firm believer of Santa (even just a tiny bit), you might opt for Finnair’s version of the story. They claim to be Santa’s own airline company and they call it…the secret partnership. 

So do you want to fly Santa style as well (without the reindeer)? Then Finnair might be the option for you.

Finnair operates with 1000 destinations in 150 countries worldwide – some of these destinations cover exotic places like Jekatarinburg and Kazan in Russia and Rovaniemi in the Finnish part of Lapland. Discover new getaways and adventures of a lifetime on www.finnair.com. 

Header photo: courtesy of Finnair. 


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