Away for the holidays: 5 amazing destinations

Are you easily intimidated by the thought of spending an entire Christmas being stressed out and slightly overweight from all the goodies? Don’t worry, we’re here with ideas and inspiration on how to spend a different but enchanting Christmas! Why not travel somewhere you’ve never been before? Here’s our top 5 ideal destinations for Christmas and New Year’s. 

Napapiiri in Lapland, Finland
Do you need your Christmas to be as old-schooled as possible? Then we’ll definitely recommend a trip to Napapiiri! There’s probably few places on earth where Christmas is more present than here – snow, frost, reindeers and arctic wonders, it’s all here! Napapiiri is located exactly within the borders of the polar circle (the word ‘Napapiiri’ actually means ‘polar cirkel’ in Finnish) and is thereby one of the most northern points you can actually go to.

If you’re bringing children they’ll most likely see this place as a fairyland as you can meet Santa himself, his elfs and the original reindeers (just to mention a few). If you’re not captured by that you’ll definitely be enchanted by the extraordinary nature in the area, which really makes wonders for a frantic mind! The air is crisp, the snow is creaking and visually it’s not like anything else. We consider it luxury for both body and mind!

Hold jul med snegaranti i det allernordligste Finland

There’s snow guarantee in Napapiiri!

New York, USA
We know it might sound a little cliché, however we’d like to present one of our own favorite Christmas destinations; New York. It’s not without reason that this million dollar city continuously keeps alluring people from all over the world! If you find New York enchanting in springtime or summer we’re sure you’ll fall in love during Christmas here! It’s a perfect destination if you love a traditional, voluptuous Christmas and lots of shopping! Don’t miss the huge Christmas tree in front of The Rockefeller Centre – or a sleigh ride through Central Park if it’s snowing! And while you’re there we’d recommend a stop over at the amazing Peninsula Spa at Manhattan. Read our article on the five star spa HERE. 

En magisk og oplyst jul i gode, gamle New York!

Christmas in good old New York!

Amsterdam, Holland
If you only wish to spend a few days away during Christmas you should take a closer look at Amsterdam. Atmosphere-wise it’s very alike Scandinavian Christmas, but one still get that feeling of being away. Amsterdam is known for its charming channels perfect for ice skating during wintertime and it’s quite a sight for sore eyes when the whole city is covered in snow! Most shops are open during Christmas days, which means that you can easily do some shopping as well!

We reccomend a spa experience on Christmas Day followed by a stroll in the city. If you’re there on Christmas night you shouldn’t miss out on the traditional Dutch Christmas menu; raclette with home made garnitures.

Tag til Amsterdam, hvis du er på udkig efter en hyggelig og traditionel jul tæt på Danmark!

A romantic trip to Amsterdam might save Christmas this year

The island state northeast of Madagascar, which consists of 115 small islands, is a magical place to spend Christmas! If you’re into the idea of skipping snow and traditional food in favour of sunshine, long drinks and bounty beaches – this might be the perfect spot for you!

During Christmas time it’s usually quite hot; between 24-34 degrees celcius, and it’s also the final call to go if you want to avoid the rainy season, which begins in January.
There’s plenty of nice hotels on the islands – and you won’t regret spending a little more than usual in this corner of paradise!

Seychellerne er for de modige, der hellere vil drømme sig væk på en bountystrand end fejre jul, som vi kender den.

Exchange traditional Christmas for THIS!

Christmas at sea
Well, it’s not a destination, but an idea of what you could do if you fancy cruise holidays and several destinations at the same time! At this time of year it’s easy to find cruises in exotic places all around the world and they exist in many variants and price classes. Go for the tailor-made ‘Christmas cruises’ that’ll take you around Hawaii, the Bahamas and the Mexican Golf – or why not dedicate an entire Christmas to self-indulgence with a spa-cruise? Read our article on spa-cruises HERE.

For dem, der værdsætter kultur og varmere himmelstrøg kan et (spa)cruise være muligheden for en anderledes jul!

What about a cruise around Hawaii and the Bahamas this Christmas?

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