Explore the original Ibiza: Why you need to go asap

Ibiza needs no further introduction. The glamorous Spanish island has been a refuge for party people and famous DJ’s for decades now, but there’s much more to it than that. Here’s why you simply must explore ‘the other side’ of Ibiza. 

Ever since tourism began to flourish in the 1960’s, the Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca, has been some of the most popular destination spots in Europe. Getting to Ibiza or any of these islands is easy with flights coming from all over Europe. Up through the 1990’s, Ibiza gained the reputation of being one of the world’s leading party destinations and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. Thousands of tourists still flock here every summer to experience the best DJ’s and the most prominent parties on earth, yet there’s a completely different side to Ibiza. A side that not many people know about.

Experience the true island vibe

132.637. That’s the number of people living in Ibiza. Still, there’s plenty of space if you look outside the main cities of Ibiza and San Antoni. Escape the hazzle with a boat tour around the island or indulge in the sweet beach life. There are more than 60 strips of sand in Ibiza, which makes it quite easy to find an exclusive spot for you and your partner. The North-Eastern part of the island is known to be more authentic and if you’re not a fan of flashy neon lights and trendy night clubs, the beautiful nature of Ibiza will probably win you over. Sprawling pine tree forests, olive groves and white flat-roofed houses. It’s all part of that hidden part of Ibiza, which you don’t hear about so often.


Glamour vs Laid-back

Where else in the world can you experience super nightclubs such as Pacha, Space and Privilege and tranquil nature just a stone’s throw away from each other? It’s all there. Fans of electronic music can get their needs satisfied in some of the best nightclubs in the world – the day after, they can relax on a deserted beach or enjoy a quiet stroll along the coast. Spanish lifestyle is known for being quit laid-back and it’s no exception in Ibiza.


Historical settings

Do you think Ibiza is a new destination? Think again. Take a stroll through Ibiza Town and you’ll experience an old city center wrapped in cobbled streets, charming late-Medieval architecture and 16th-century walls. On the other hand, Ibiza Town is full of modern shops and a vibrant city life – it’s the contrast that makes it so charming.


Delicious local food

Some prefer Italian food while others swear by Spanish. Last-mentioned is actually much more than tapas (which is very good, but sometimes you just need to try something different!) There are plenty of genuine restaurants in Ibiza serving up traditional food such as ‘zarzuela’ – a Catalan fish stew with delicious seafood, garlic and fish, so forget about the tourist traps and choose the real deal!

Getting to Ibiza is easy with flights coming from all over Europe.

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