A home in the airport: Copenhagen Apartment Lounge

We all know the feeling. Departure day has arrived and even though we should probably just lean back and enjoy it, it can be tricky to stay calm all the way through. Did we remember everything? Are we in time for a little tax-free shopping? Etc. Copenhagen Airport has finally launched the genius concept ‘Apartment Lounge’, which pretty much feels like a home away from home, when you’re on the go! Now you can really sit back and enjoy! 

A personal atmosphere
In collaboration with the Danish transportation company Novia, Copenhagen Airport has chosen to built a so-called lounge, of which the core purpose is to make guests relaxed before departure. The lounge looks like a typical luxury flat in Copenhagen complete with hall way, kitchen, living room, a library and even an office. Do you choose to visit the lounge next time you’re flying out from Copenhagen Airport, you will undoubtedly be met by a professional and pleasant atmosphere, where you can rest or just relax before departure.

When entering the apartment you will notice the plaster ceiling, parquet floors and cosy fireplace – and you can enjoy the classy interior decorations delivered from Danish design companies such as Muuto, Hay, Beck, Erik Jørgensen and Wegner. Enter the living room

All included
It feels like heaven to be able to avoid the hustle and bustle of the busy airport, and I will definitely return again in the near future! Not only does the lounge allow guests to work or relax in a pleasant and calm environment – there’s a number of extra services included in the package. For a total price of 23 EUR, you will get free Wi-Fi, hot and cold beverages, fresh fruit, snack and light meals, international news papers and magazines, admission to laptops and even charge and print facilities. In other words everything a frequent flyer could ask for! If you feel like checking out the concept you can buy your ticket online.

Go to www.cph.dk for more information.



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