Driving with Ford to Southern Sweden

Last week we had the pleasure of encountering a new Ford model, the so-called ‘Mondeo Vignale’. It all began in Copenhagen and ended in Southern Sweden, more specifically at Ystad Saltsjöbad. Prepare for some serious wellness and fast cars. 

Photographer: Mille Ayo



Sophisticaton and design

Ford has launched a new car. Its name is Vignale and it is a synonym of award-winning design and sophisticated details. Recently we were invited by Ford Denmark to try out the new model and so we did. Around 100 km later, we found ourselves in Southern Sweden at the renowned spa retreat Ystad Saltsjöbad to experience 24 hours of ‘joie de vivre’.

ford vignale

Vignale equals driving pleasure. Its sleek design and interior features appeals to picky customers who crave luxury on another level than what the regular Mondeo is able to deliver. On our way to Sweden, we felt comfortable in the soundless hybrid version, which is also available in a diesel version.


One step ahead

18″ rims, dynamic LED lights, high quality leather seats and the possibility of buying matching accessories are a few of the highlights that buyers can expect. And let us not forget the colors, which are not standardized: Panther Black, Magnetic Grey, White Platinum and Nocciola Brown.
Technology wise, Vignale offers interesting features such as Active City Stop – a sensor that registers the risk of tailbacks in the traffic and thus activates the brakes if the driver does not react in time. All things considered, Vignale is one step ahead when it comes to both safety and design. Prices start from 600.000 DKK (€80.500) depending on the model.


In spa heaven

Ystad Saltsjöbad was the perfect location for a summation of driving a Ford Vignale. Just like the car, this wellness retreat offers a piece of ‘the good life’ that leaves you craving for more. YSB is located in Ystad just one hour’s drive from Copenhagen and the nightly rate for a standard room with breakfast is around 2.500 SEK (€270).

ystad saltsjöbad


For more information about the new Ford Vignale click here. 

Thanks to Ford Denmark for inviting us!


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