DIY: New Year’s Cocktails With Champagne

There’s always a good reason to drink champagne but the golden drops of heaven should especially be an obvious guest on New Year’s Eve. Drink it as it is – or do as we do; add a little to your favorite cocktail. Get inspired by these classic cocktails, which are all based on champagne. 


Black Velvet
This dark and full-bodied cocktail was originally made back in 1861 in Brook’s Club in London. It’s perfectly suitable for a heavy meal or the following party. The dark and intense beer is a wonderful combination with the light and sparkling champagne.

You’ll need:

One Guiness beer

Fill up a high ball glass with Guiness and top it off with champagne. Simple as that!


French 75

A classic cocktail which was originally invented at the legendary Harry’s Bar in Paris in 1915. It’s a fresh and quite masculine cocktail, but we’re sure the ladies will love it too!

You’ll need:

4 cl gin
2 cl freshly pressed lemon juice.
1 cl sugar water (50% water, 50% sugar)

Ad all the ingredients in a shaker and fill it up with ice. Shake well and strain the cocktail into a champagne glass. Top it off with champagne and a little lemon peel.


Here’s one for the girls! This cocktail was made legendary in the 3rd season of Sex & The City. It’s sweet without being too sweet and it’s easy to drink.

You’ll need:

1 cl. vodka
2 cl. pineapple juice
2 cl. champagne

Pour vodka and juice in a highball glass – or a champagne glass filled with ice. Top it off with sparkling champagne.

 Blue champagne

Blue Champagne
If you have a thing for colored drinks (who said throw-back to the 80’s?!) this cocktail is definitely something for you! The taste is sweet and strong – but don’t get scared by the blue color; it really should be like this!

You’ll need:

1 cl Blue Curacao
1 cl Galliano

Ad Curacao and Galliano in a shaker and shake well. Fill the cocktail into a champagne glass and top it off with champagne. Enjoy!


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