The true revealer of your health: A facial diagnosis

Hands has always been associated with one’s personal ‘business card’, but the face also shows revealing details of who you are and how you live your life. Our wellness expert firmly believes in weekly (or daily!) self-indulgence in the shape of exercise, healthy food and lots of wellness. Learn how your face reveals you and what you can do to feel better.

Facial diagnosis
We’re expressing countless emotions and feelings every day through our face, and as one gets older, the face does too! It’s often referred to as a superficial reflection of the inner wellbeing and how you’re actually feeling about yourself. An old Chinese proverb says that from the day you’re born till the day you turn 25, you carry the face that your mother gave you. Hereafter you will shape your own face.

So, the face is your identity and it reveals a lot more about you than any other part of your body – both when it comes to health, the function of organs as well as inner and outer wellbeing.

A so-called ‘facial diagnosis’ has been used in China for more than 1.000 years. It goes hand in hand with the old Chinese medical traditions of traditional medicine, which is centered about the fact that imbalances in the body can be read through the face. Imbalances typically occurs if the body is exposed to unhealthy food, stress, too little intake of fluid, a bad digestion, abuse of medicine etc.
Within the tradition of Chinese medicine it’s widely known that:

– The face is the mirror of the body and organs. Skin problems are typically a sign of imbalances in certain parts of the body.
– The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Through an analysis of the iris it’s possible to find out which imbalances hides in your body.
– The tongue is a helping tool, which is often referred to as tell-tale. The imbalances in the body will typically show itself in respective areas of the tongue.
– Ear acupuncture is a great tool for curing imbalances in the body.
En sund og varieret kost skaber en smuk hud!
The language of the face
The face is divided into zones, which are related to certain areas of the body or a particular organ. Take for example a woman’s hormone balance, which is closely connected to the appearance of the skin. Close to the monthly period most women suffer from skin problems – typically located on the chin or around the mouth. That’s a sign of imbalance in the hormonal glands and in most cases the abdomen. For men, skin problems can occur due to imbalance in the male hormones.
Cracks around the mouth and in particular the corners of the mouth, can occur due to a lack of vitamin B2, and if you’re a regular smoker and experience digestion problems, it often reveals itself as spots on the cheeks or dreary and tired eye surroundings. Last-mentioned also shows up if you’re not drinking enough water or there’s an imbalance of the kidney area. 
If you have impurities on the side of your nose it can be a sign of problems with the bronchi and if that’s the case it’s wise to cut back on dairy products, cereal products (and smoking!)
If impurities show up in the eyebrow area it’s a typical sign that there’s some sort of imbalance in the gall bladder, wherefore greasy and rich food should be avoided for some time. And last but not least, impurities in the forehead area is a typical sign of digestion problems and thereby problems with the intestines. Here one should always avoid mixing starch and proteins.
What can you do?

* Drink enough water (1,5-2 liters a day!)

* Excercise and fresh air 

* Healthy and varied food

* 8 hours sleep every night 

* Cleanse your skin two times a day – morning and evening!

* Cut back on heavy food and dairy products

* Undgå sodavand, kaffe, rygning, alkohol og stress.

If you’re goal is to keep fit, healthy and beautiful, there’s no way around it; you have to start living a healthier life today! Take good care of yourself and your body and pamper yourself with spa- and wellness treatments once in a while.


xx Rannvá


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