Comwell Bella Sky: A day in spa heaven

Once in a while you have to pull out the plug and just surrender to pampering and total relaxation! That’s what we did on a cold day in October and the final destination was Bella Sky Comwell situated  just 10 minutes from the centre of Copenhagen. The grandiose design hotel opened its doors in 2011 and the interior is minimalistic, white in white and very Nordic-inspired with elements of wood and nature. Come join us for a little piece of spa-heaven…

The Nordic feel
It’s a piece of cake to find an exquisite spa experience abroad – but what if you don’t want to travel far and pay a fortune? Luckily there’s a solution to that, cause even though Denmark is quite sparse when it comes to exclusive hotel and spa offers, Bella Sky belongs to the elite amongst these in this small country. Not due to the enormous buildings and spectacular architecture, but purely because of the facilities and the professionalism of the staff.

It takes approximately 5 minutes to walk from the main entrance of the hotel to the spa, which is situated in the corner of the right tower block (the hotel is connected by two massive tower blocks), but this walk is an experience in itself. You can sense the soul of the hotel; the buzz of the many employees helping out newly arrived guests. And suddenly you get that feeling of being in the middle of a Nordic metropolis.

Touch the sky
When I finally arrive in the spa I’m greeted welcome by a smiling receptionist. Before the treatment can take place I need to consult the dressing room, which is small yet comfortable and decorated with plenty of large white towels and bathrobes. Just 5 minutes later I find myself in a small room smelling of eucalyptus and lemon grass. My day in spa-heaven can begin.

The spa uses several range of products, for example the Danish skincare brand Rudolph Care and obviously their own Comwell Spa range, but today it’s the acknowledged Swedish wellness brand, Kerstin Florian.

My treatment is called ‘Touch the Sky’ and it’s quite indicative of what I’m about to go through. The next hour and a half I’m being pampered in a luxury treatment that combines both scrub and a full body massage. First the scrub is applied and just after I’m supposed to wash off the remains in the shower room next door. It makes the skin super soft, but it’s hard to hide my eager of what I’ve really been waiting for the whole time; the massage. It’s quite obvious that the therapist who treats me has years of experience within the field and she talks about things like ‘how to get most out of your scrub’ and ‘why it’s so important to remember a little self indulgence once in a while’. I couldn’t agree more! Suddenly an hour has passed and she tells me to take all the time that I need to get back in shape. And as always after a spa or massage treatment I’m advised to drink lots of water due to the body’s secretion of waste matters.

Klar til en spa-dag!

Small but sufficient
A short while after I find myself in the associated Aquaspa whose size is not exactly ostentatious. But also here I find the most essential equipment and facilities; pools with hot and cold water, a Rain Sky shower, a steam bath and a sauna and pool – but also an ice fountain for the brave ones! If that’s not nearly enough there’s a fitness centre next door! A selection of fruit, ice water and a snacks are furthermore to be found in the spa.


My day at Bella Sky has come to an end, but I’m sure that I’ll return soon enough. The facilities and treatments can definitely satisfy any spa craving heart – also on a rainy Wednesday when one should remember a little self indulgence.

A ‘Touch the Sky’ treatment lasts for 80 minutes and costs 1.095 DKK. It can also be booked as a twin-treatment for couples.

Read more about Bella Sky Comwell HERE and HERE. 

Bella Sky Comwell
Center Boulevard 5
2300 Copenhagen


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