Coach Emilie Krogh: Find your inner peace

“Do not follow the ideas of others, but learn to listen to the voice within yourself”. The words belong to the Chinese monk Zen Master Dogen, but they could be Emilie Kroghs as well. Last-mentioned is a life coach with practice just north of Copenhagen – we have mentioned her earlier HERE. Through her work she has developed her own concept, Kernestyrke Konceptet, which targets the individual and how we can find our inner core in order to become the best versions of ourselves. Read on if you want to gain knowledge in the field of finding your inner strength. 

Become your own best friend 

In a busy everyday life we often tend to forget ourselves. Well, some even use the majority of life trying to live up to other people’s expectations and thereby forget their own dreams and ambitions. Maybe you have problems listening to yourself and thereby knowing what you stand for? Luckily ‘Kernestyrke Konceptet’ is made just for you! Coach Emilie says; “When you find the core of your identity the possibility of strengthening your self esteem grows as well. You will begin to view things in a positive light and even more important – look at yourself in a pleasant and positive way. You will gain insight into how you should prioritize so that it ads meaning and happiness to your life. When you choose to recognize yourself and your particular needs, you will experience a deep satisfaction and relief. You can only set yourself free in the process of self-awareness and accepting yourself, and in continuation of this you will find peace and balance in life. 
It’s a great satisfaction to feel that you are exactly like you are supposed to be. In brief it’s about becoming your own best friend!”


Dictated by the outside world

But how does the concept work and how can one use in practice? Emilie says she imagines that we’re all born with a core containing our identity. This identity consists of our values, latent abilities and heart, and it never changes through life. No matter how much we’re affected from the outside world, fx from other people’s opinions and values, our unique core doesn’t change. But from early childhood we build an acquired ‘manual of life’, which consists of the norms of society, unwritten rules and not least convictions about ourselves. The more time that passes, the more our core is ‘buried’ and we drown our own values and beliefs. We adjust to society’s ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.


Some may recognize this as a life crisis and profound perplexity; who am I? Where am I going? Emilie adds; “I have developed Kernestyrke Konceptet for people who wish to break free of their acquired manual of life. They want to set themselves free and thereby create possibilities of living a better and more truthful life”. 

If you’re curious about the concept you can download Emilies free eBook ‘Freedom to be yourself’ right here. 

About Emilie Krogh:

– Professional Bachelor’s Degree in nursing
– ACSTH Certified Coach from Danish Coaching Academy
– Health coach

For more info: www.emiliekrogh.com

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