Clint: Elegant Danish Audio Design

Calling all music and design lovers; there’s a new kid on the audio block! It’s called ‘Freya’ and it’s produced by the Danish design company, Clint. Keep on reading if you, too, are a fan of elegance, design and quality audio. 


Clint was founded in 2008 by a group of entrepreneurs, whose primary goal was to create the best sound possible without all the fuss. Their mission succeeded, and today, the company still produces a large range of video and audio products focusing on design and functionality.



‘Freya’ is a Wi-Fi speaker supporting airplay and DLNA – OK, it might not sound super sexy, but the audio truly is! And the subtle pastel colors only make it more desirable! The portable speaker weighs 1 kg. and it’s easy to install anywhere! I’ve put mine at my office, but I’m thinking of getting one more.

‘Freya’ is available in three different colors: Powdery Blue, Misty Green and Dusty Rose. I’ve chosen the blue one, which I think adds a calming atmosphere, and it fits great in most bathrooms as well. They’re also available in black and grey, if you prefer a less colorful look.


The speakers are designed and developed in Denmark in cooperation with Interior Designer Phillip Bodum, who has chosen steel and aluminum as staple elements in his design.

Price: 1.295 DKK / 175 € / 195 $


For more information about the products, go to www.clintdigital.com.


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