Champagne: why you should drink a little more…

When Dom Pérignon invented champagne in the 17th Century he immediately send for others to experience the breakthrough; “Come quickly! I’m tasting the stars!” he claimed. Today, champagne is something we connect with festivities and celebrations, but recent studies has proved that the bubbly drink actually contains health promoting qualities. So without further ado – sit back and enjoy a glass! 

Champagne means ‘on the country side’ and that’s exactly where the drink is produced; in the region of Champagne in the north eastern part of France. This region has been well-known since the 15th Century, where wine was produced for sacred acts in the churches. Today it’s almost impossible to track down a single church that still offers sparkling wine at communions, nevertheless there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy a glass. Here’s why.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s 

Scientific researchers from Reading University in Great Britain has come to the conclusion that champagne possesses health promoting qualities. The secret should be the acid, phenolcarboxylisk, which counteracts gradual loss of memory; the cornerstone of dementia and Alzheimer’s. These two conditions usually appears between the age of 40 and 80 for both men and women.


Heart and blood pressure

Not only diseases related to memory can be affected by the golden drops. The research from Reading University also proves that some of the substances in champagne and other sparkling wines contains loads of antioxidants. Last-mentioned improve skin and nails, but they also counteract increased blood pressure and thereby reduce the risk go heart failure and stroke.

Few calories

With only 78 calories per deciliter (dry Brut) champagne is one of the most calorie friendly drinks containing alcohol. Cheers for another one!

Pure happiness

It’s no secret that champagne makes you happy, but that’s not only due to the level of alcohol. Champagne contains natural substances which actually raise our spirits! To enhance this effect one should enjoy their champagne with fish, as the high level of Omega-3 in for example salmon and mackerel also has a positive effect on the mood.

A tight skind

Champagne can also be used to enhance external beauty. In fact some people say that the carbon dioxide helps tighten the skin while the Polyphenols counteracts redness. Kristin Fraser Cotte is the founder and CEO of The Grapeseed Company, which produced ecological skincare based on the leftovers from wine productions. On health.com she has given the following recipe for a refreshing champagne bath:

Mix a cup of milk powder and half a cup of bathing salt (preferably Epsom salt) in a bowl. Add one or two cups of champagne and a table spoon of heated honey. Stir the mixture and pour it in the tub just before entering. Voila! 


De smukke bobler, som vi gladeligt indtager lidt mere af....

We love champagne, but it should always be enjoyed with consideration. Professor in Bio Chemistry at Reading University, Mr. Jeremy Spencer, recommends a weekly dose of max 2-3 glasses.

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