BoConcept: A Danish design success

The story of BoConcept is a story of a Danish furniture company gone global. The brand was established in 1952 and today it’s more popular than ever with shops in more than 300 locations worldwide. This is sleek, modern design for the hip, young consumers in search of one thing; the best. 

The story

The year is 1952. The Danish craftsmen Jens Ærthøj Jensen and Tage Mølholm opens a furniture factory in the province of Herning in Denmark. Their goal from the very beginning is to produce quality, functional and attractive furniture of good value. The rest is history. In recent years BoConcept has gone global with more than 230 franchise brand stores and 90 studios, where design lovers can indulge in the clean, minimalistic design, which characterizes the brand. The assortment ranges from sofas, chairs, beds, wardrobes and tables to accessories such as shelves, mirrors, frames, cushions, vases, lamps and rugs.

The designers of BoConcept are located in both Denmark and abroad, but common to all five of them is their dream of creating simple designs with personality. In this case less is definitely more. A great example of this is the Ottawa Collection made by designer Karim Rashid. He wanted to create functional furniture, which is both highly minimalistic but also sensual. Something which is quite unique for BoConcept.

The Call 

This year Danish Actor Mads Mikkelsen is starring in the short movie ‘The Call’. The movie, which lasts exactly 5 minutes, is shot on location in Valencia, Spain in the beautiful villa of BoConcept’s own designer Morten Georgsen. It’s a sensual and dramatic story shrouded in stunning furnitures and design from BoConcept. A must-see if you’re a fan of Nordic design – or Mads Mikkelsen himself.