Beauty & Travel: A quick guide to the frequent (female) traveler

For most frequent travelers certain beauty routines can be a head ache! How many mililitres of each product can you bring? (we always tend to forget!) How is it even possible to keep your skin hydrated during and after a flight? And which beauty products should always be present in your toilet bag? We have teamed up with one of Denmark’s leading beauty experts, Anette Kristine Poulsen, to get the answer. Get ready for some hardcore beauty/travel talk!

What’s your all-time best beauty advice for frequent traveler’s?

I would definitely recommend getting as much rest as you can! Take a break while you travel and leave all electronical devices in your bag…try to relax with a good book and just unwind from your busy everyday life.


What do you always bring on your own travels?

I always bring water and tons of books – I love reading! And of course I always carry some sort of healthy snack with in order to avoid sugar cravings. I usually bring a healthy snack bar with almonds and coconut. Last, but not least I am a large-scale consumer of moisturizing serums containing either glycerine or hyaluronic acid. makeup

What should a lady always carry in her bag when flying (beauty wise)?

A facial mist, a hand cream, a hair elastic and travel size cleansing tissues.


Which products should one avoid when flying?

Always avoid anything that dries the skin! This means no gin & tonic’s on the airplane (or at least no more than one…), as alcohol can really contribute in making your skin dry when flying! Also avoid masks or cream containing alcohol, but this applies to all situations, not only when traveling. Personally, I would also leave the large beauty cases at home.  They are super unhandy and difficult to travel with, and they take up too much space. You might as well make it easy for yourself.

Is there a certain prepping routine one should always follow before and after a flight to keep skin glowing and hydrated?

Yes! You can build up a layer of moist, which your skin can live on through a whole day. Start applying a moisturizing mist onto a clean and prepped skin. Ideally the mist should contain either glycerine or hyaluronic acide, which seals the moisture. Then move on to a moisturizing serum and finish off with a good facial cream. The cream obviously has to fit your skin type. If you have very dry skin I recommend applying a few drops of oil into your facial cream. Like this you can actually create a ’mini reservoir’ of moisture, which your skin will definiely thank you for at the end of the day. sleep mask  

Can you recommend any beauty products that comes in travel sizes too?

I like the small hand cream from the brand Balance Me and CND’s Solar Oil. The oil comes in a tiny size, and it fixes brittle nails and dry cuticles. Last, but not least I love the moisturizing ”Goe oil” from the brand Jao. It is 100% vegetable. Most pharmacies sell travel size products too.  

What is it with alcohol and flying? Does it have an effect on the skin?

It certainly does. Alcohol expands the blood vessels making your skin reddish, and it also dehydrates the skin, which causes lines and wrinkles.  

And last but not least; What is your own favorite travel destination?

I LOVE Los Angeles! It has to be my favorite destination! Why? Because it is funny, sunny and beautiful! And even though it is a huge city, amazing nature awaits just ”around the corner”. There are so many options.

Anette Kristine Poulsen

Anette Kristine Poulsen


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