Aura of Copenhagen: Exclusive Danish Jewellery

Since 2008 exclusivity, solid jewellery-handcraft and delicate materials has been a part of the design-DNA for Aura of Copenhagen. Today the jewellery brand is a big success and if you are following our Christmas calendar you can be the lucky winner of a beautiful pair of earrings! Read more here. 

For more than 5 years it has Charlotte Pankokes ambition to achieve international recognition for her brand. She’s the owner and designer behind the exclusive Aura of Copenhagen, who produce unique handmade jewellery in solid gold. The company is inspired by both Danish and international jewellery traditions; the simple expression and plain lines originates from a Danish design tradition whilst the details and ornaments take its inspiration from all other parts of the world, fx. the ethnic.

Charlotte Pankoke says that she gets inspired by women she meets from all over the world, and that clearly shows in her design. Since all of her jewellery is handcrafted you’ll never find two pieces completely alike. This exclusivity is one of the reasons why Aura of Copenhagen is some of the finest jewellery we have in Denmark.

Charlotte Pankoke

Charlotte Pankoke

The international breakthrough became a reality in 2012 when Charlotte Pankoke went to the jewellery fair in Hong Kong. An overwhelming interest in her design is the reason why Aura of Copenhagen is now represented in two of the biggest webshops in China. The Chinese are well-known for having a weakness for Danish design, and the beautiful jewellery from Aura of Copenhagen is no exception.


You can become the happy owner of a beautiful jewellery from Aura of Copenhagen as they are sponsoring a pair of earrings for our Christmas calendar. The earrings are made of 23 carat gold plated sterling silver with tourmalines and is worth DKR 1.850.  The lucky winner will be found on December 22nd!





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