An ode to vintage travel: 1950’s and 1960’s

Tourism is a never-ending story of travel tales, hopes and dreams, and it’s constantly developing to meet the needs and demands of travelers. So let’s stop time for a moment to appreciate what once was, and let’s have a look at the glamorous world of vintage travel. Here’s a selection of my personal favorite photographies from that era.


vintage travel

1st class was a big deal back in the days! Decade: 1950’s



Ladies who lunch. Berlin in the 1950’s (notice the view to the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche) 


vintage hollywood

Pedestrians waiting to cross in West Hollywood. Decade: 1960’s

rio de janeiro

The original ‘girl from Ipanema’, Help Pinheiro, at the beach in 1960’s

rio de janeiro

More beach babes from Rio: locals enjoying life at the beach in 1960’s


vintage paris

A glimpse of two girls having coffee at an outdoor café in Paris. Decade: 1950’s



All sorts of vehicles at ‘Strøget’ in Copenhagen in the 1950’s (notice the well-dressed man on the bike to the right!)


pan american airlines

Passengers enjoying a feast on 1st class onboard a PanAm aircraft in late 1960’s



Girls posing for the camera on the streets of Amsterdam. Decade: 1960’s


allan grant

A woman disembarking a train in 1950’s. Photo by Allan Grant.


british airways

A passender onboard a British Airways aircraft freshens up in the powder room. Decade: 1950’s


rio de janeiro 50s

Two women waving at the cable car in Rio de Janeiro in 1950’s. The Sugarloaf cable car has been renewed, but it still exists today.


new york 1950s

Tourists on top of The Empire State Building in the 1950’s


las vegas 50s

Travellers at a motel in Las Vegas. Decade: 1950’s


las vegas 1950s

Lovers crossing the street in Las Vegas in 1950’s



Sisters enjoying breakfast on first class while crossing the Atlantic in the 1950’s


vintage paris

Woman looking over Paris (and the Eiffel Tower) in 1960


All photos shown above belong to their respective owners and are only used as a source of inspiration. 

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