Amazing Space: Sublime spa experiences in luxurious settings

Once in a while one should leave the everyday life behind and indulge in a luxurious spa- or wellness treatment. A visit to Amazing Space, which is situated in the basement of Denmark’s oldest hotel, d’Angleterre, could certainly do it. There’s an obvious attention to details both in the hotel and the spa, and the owner Laura Bonné (above) has undoubtedly brought the Danes closer to an international spa culture. Come join us behind closed doors for 2 hours in the capable hands of Amazing Space. 

Well-being all over
When Amazing Space opened in 2002 they offered tailor-made treatments and spa experiences to discerning customers. Today, it’s pretty much the same, however they’ve changed location and can now be found in the basement of the prestigious Hotel d’Angleterre. Plus they’ve developed their own range of spa products based on natural ingredients, for example from the rainforest of Peru. The products are used in all treatments and can be bought for private use in the reception of the spa. 

All treatments are developed by the spa, which means you can’t get a similar treat anywhere else in the world. Quite spectacular and part of the whole exclusive feeling you get when entering the spa. The customer’s always in focus and they’re being treated a bit out of the ordinary. I got a taste of that during my 2 hour treatment, which anyone could – and should – invest in on a rainy afternoon.

Amazing Space's egen hudplejeserie

Det hyggelige behandlingsrum

Amazing Face Jewelstone Deluxe

I was met by Laura, the owner of the spa, who kindly asked me to take place in the cozy couches while I was waiting for my treatment. I grabbed a cup of steaming hot herb tea and waited exactly 10 minutes before my sweet therapist called Rannvá called me in.
An Amazing Face Deluxe Treatment consists of a facial including an small treatment of the eye area, scalp massage plus a hand and foot massage. In other words – pampering all way through! Gem stones plays an important part in the treatment, which only adds another dimension of exclusivity.

We began with a gentle massage of the face, neck, shoulders and scalp after which my therapist turned to my sore back. A short while after I was completely consumed by that wellness feeling and I was on the verge of falling asleep.
After the massage my face was cleansed, exfoliated (with aroma steam) and moisturized with products from their own label. They impressed me due to smell and consistency. Once a product does wonders for my skin I tend to always use the same again and again, but Laura Bonné has truly developed noteworthy products, which I would recommend to anyone with an infinity for luxury and ecology combined. It’s a rare combination if you’re looking for effective products as well, but these ones should do the job!

Min dygtige behandler Rannvá

My therapist Rannvá

The treatment was finished off with a foot massage containing oil and warm gem stones followed up by a jewelstone massage of the face and décolleté. Suddenly reality called again, but it wasn’t that bad since my therapist had prepared a freshly squeezed juice for me. Rannvá also gave me some information on the products and I received a sample of a face oil, that I’ve literally been using several times a day ever since.
We’re hooked – and surely you’ll be as well if pay this top professional spa a visit!

What: Amazing Face Jewelstone Deluxe-behandling (100 min.), kr. 1.195,-

Where: Amazing Space, Hotel d’Angleterre, Hovedvagtsgade 3, 1103 København K. Tlf. 33 33 82 33. Web: http://www.amazing-space.dk


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