7 cultural highlights that makes you want to move to Copenhagen

Yes, we love our city. But what is it really that makes it special? And why would you want to move here as a foreigner? Here’s eight eligible reasons. 


  • Architecture

Copenhagen is home to so many old, beautiful buildings and interesting architecture. Nyhavn and the colorful skyline of the city impresses (we recommend checking out the narrowest house in the city at Nyhavn number 4!), but it is also worth exploring beyond the tourist attractions, where new and old architecture fuses.

  • Biking

Once you take a walk in the city, you will notice that bikes are literally everywhere – and biking is definitely the best way to get around! Copenhagen has the right size to be explored by bicycle, and one can get from A to B within minutes. A thirty minute bike ride will take you almost anywhere.
There are great paths for biking all over the city (and distinct, informal biking conventions), which you would struggle to find in most other capital cities in Europe.


  • Coffee culture

Danes love to meet up for a cup of coffee, and cozy cafes can be found almost anywhere in the city. Remember to grab a Danish pastry while you are at it. Now, what is not love about this tradition?!


  • Dining & going out

It is no secret that Copenhagen houses a large number of Michelin restaurants (15 to be exact!), and the world’s best restaurant, Noma, can also be found here. There is a good reason for that. The ‘New Nordic’ cuisine is very popular and combines healthy and traditional ingredients, which are characteristic for Scandinavian cuisine. The city also offers a large number of bars to enjoy after dark – and do not forget to have a beer while you are here! There is a reason why breweries such as Tuborg and Carlsberg have gained international reputation.


  • Education

Scandinavia is well-known for its advanced educational systems. The universities of Copenhagen have a lot to offer both local and foreign students, and a large number of professionals come here to work. In general, Denmark has quite a healthy work environment, which puts emphasis on minimizing hierarchies and improving the work/life balance of the employees.
Copenhagen is also known for its openness towards entrepreneurs and startup’s.


  • Fashion

Danes have style and visitors will quickly notice this on the streets of Copenhagen. Although this style does not include a lot of color or ‘standing out from each other’, fashion lovers from all over the globe will definitely enjoy the fashion scene of the city. The trained eye would even be able to notice the differences between the styles common to the different parts of the city. ‘Østerbro’ is more posh than for example ‘Nørrebro’ or ‘Vesterbro’, where the Hipster crowd can be found.


  • Hygge

A word that simply cannot be translated into any other language is ‘hygge’. It is the very core of Danish culture and something quite unique for the way one socializes here. It means something like ‘cosy’, where people get together, have a chat and a coffee etc. There is always time for ‘hygge’ in Copenhagen – something which is reflected in the many cafes, restaurants etc.




 Article by Jenna Kleinwort