5 ways to avoid jetlag

Jetlag, also known as time zone change syndrome occurs when traveling rapidly from east to west, and anyone who have ever experienced it know how horrible it feels. Symptoms include fatigue, dehydration and difficulty concentrating, but don’t despair. Here’s what you can do to minimize it.

Opt for an  overnight flight

Opt for an overnight flight if you can – it’s much more comfortable jetlag-wise than leaving in the afternoon! You will have dinner at a normal time and arrive at the destination in the morning or afternoon (depending the lenght of the flight and the number of time zones you cross).


Avoid coffee

Coffee is good if you want to stay awake, but that’s probably not the case when you’re boarding a flight and trying to fight jetlag. Coffee will disturb your precious sleep (once you finally get to that point on a plane!), and so it reduces the total amount of sleep time. Avoid coffee (and caffeine) for 10-12 hours before boarding.

Drink Water (and stay hydrated)

Evryone knows the importance of staying hydrated when flying, and a good rule of thumb is to drink at least 05 litres of water per hour you’re in the air. Personally, I always find it hard to drink that much when flying, but once you get a hold of it, it’s something you’ll automatically do.
Also consider using eye drops and always carry a moisturizing hand cream/lotion and lip balm in your bag.


Avoid alchohol

It’s quite known that alcohol can worsen symptoms of jetlag. A glass of wine may be relaxing, but the effects of alcohol when flying appear much faster than on the ground . This Means that one drink in the air roughly equals two or three drinks on the ground. Give it a thought next time you’re craving a Gin & Tonic or the like. Alcohol also contributes to drying out the skin even more.


Sleep on the plane

Traveling can be a stressful thing for the body, so the more rest you get, the better you’ll deal with jetlag once you arrive at your destination. Sleeping well on business or first class is much easier, so opt for this if you can! And last, but not least, try to get your hands on a blanket and a pillow, as it will make everything a lot more comfortable.




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