5 reasons to visit Sardinia this summer

Calling all luxury travelers! If you haven’t yet discovered the Italian gem of Sardinia, it’s about time! Here are 5 good reasons to go this summer. 


1. Luxury at its finest

Sardinia is located 390 kilometers from Italy’s West coast, and can thereby be reached easily from both Rome and Napoli. So apart from a very pleasant climate all year around, it’s an obvious destination for hedonists looking for new territories to explore. In other words: Sardinia is a haven for luxury travelers! Sardinia Vacation Rentals offer 19 hand-picked villas in the island’s most exquisite locations, but that’s not all: the Emerald Coast (or Costa Smeralda) is one of Europe’s most stunning coastlines. Here, one can find stylish bars and night clubs, golf clubs de luxe and unique hotels over-looking the white, sandy beaches.


Photo: Villa Splendida, LuxuryRetreats.com

2. Laid-back Italian lifestyle

If the luxury scene is not necessarily what you’re looking for when traveling, Sardinia caters to your needs by offering that traditional Italian lifestyle, which is so sought for all over the world. If you wish to escape from the modern world for some time, head into the rugged mountains of Sardinia, where friendly locals and stunning landscapes offers the perfect settings for a relaxed holiday. Most restaurants cook local food made with fresh, local ingredients, e.g. the popular agriturismo (farm restaurants). Sit back with a glass of mirth (the local aperitif) and enjoy the sunset. This is probably how the famous words ‘la dolce far niente’ were invented; the sweetness of doing nothing. Something Italians are experts in!

3. Local festivals

Whether you’re a festival person or not, you can’t miss out on a true Sardinian festival. And when I say can’t, I literally mean can not. Sardinia hosts a new festival every month of the year, and especially the summer months are busy. Take for instance the Cavalcata Sarda in May, the Sardinian Reggae Festival (yes!) held every year at the end of July and the popular Festa della Birra (beer festival) in mid-August. Attending a local festival gives you the chance to indulge in Sardinian culture and customs not to mention meet the lovely locals.


Photo: WildernessTravel.com

4. No food like Sardinian food!

So there’s Italian food and there’s Sardinian food. If you’re a fan of pasta and pizza, you will of course find plenty of it in Sardinia too, but the real magic happens when the chef starts to cook national Sardinian dishes! The official national dish here is suckling pig, and they say it can turn any vegetarian into a carnivore! Well, worth giving it a try, don’t you think? The pig is slowly cooked over open fire and incensed with myrtle. Another must-try on the foodie scene is of course the local cheeses – preferably flushed down with a glass of red from Europe’s largest vineyard, Sella & Mosca. The combination would be considered out of this world!

5. Beach life

“Beautiful beaches – so what?!” You might think, and you’re right. It’s just that Sardinia is full of them and they’re all kinda picture perfect. More than 1.800 kilometers of unspoiled coastline barely touched by man will leave any diver, beach lover or sun downer breathless, especially the popular La Pelosa Beach on the island’s North side is a small paradise. There are plenty of options for divers, snorkelers and swimmers who wants to indulge in the fresh, clear water. Oh, and don’t forget to find the hidden beach of Tinnari once you’re there!


Photo: SardinianBeaches.com

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