16 tips for traveling in style

We travel everywhere all the time, but many forget to pay attention to the little things – the details – when doing it. Remembering that the journey itself is the goal rather than just the destination, you will succeed in making traveling much more elegant, comfortable and fun. And it is really quite simple too. Here is The Copehagen Traveler’s 16 tips for how to travel in style. 


Plan your day and be in time

Most traveler’s know the drill; 15 minutes delay can ruin even the most carefully planned itinerary! So how to avoid the hazzle of running to the gate and being called over the airport speakers?! Plan your day of traveling in advance. Finish packing your suitcase in time and count on having more time in the airport than you need. Sit down for a coffee, check your emails etc. We promise you will feel much more relaxed when boaring the plane – and that obviously equals a more comfortable trip!

Do your research 

Have you ever tried arriving at a destination without having any knowledge of it what so ever? Where to go for coffee or dinner? Any cultural customs you should pay attention to? By spending just one hour planning your trip from home you will never end up in a situation like this. A bit of research and preparation will always be one of the key factors for a successfull trip.


Planning your trip in time is key to success!

Pack properly

We have said it before and we will say it again; carrying a well-packed suitcase is so much more of a pleasure than pushing a heavy trolley filled with things you do not need. Bear this in mind when you are starring into an empty suitcase the day before departure. How to pack the perfect suitcase obviously depends on destination and weather conditions, but one thing appeals to all; versatile clothing. If you are traveling far bring as little as you can. In most cases you can buy all the things you need, and maybe even to a better price than home, at your end destination.

Invest in a chic passport cover

Even though we love our passports, they rarely look stylish. Get your hands on a quality passport cover in leather that will secure your passport for many journeys to come – plus it will make you stand out from the crowd!  For an extra chic dimension have your initials engraved on the front.


Happiness is: adding a splash of color to your passport cover!

Buy a pair of soft leather gloves to match you bag

A real lady – and gentleman – knows how to match accessories with an outfit. A pair of gloves will not only protect your hands from cold; it puts the icing on the cake when traveling in style! Choose a pair in soft, genuine leather and we are sure they will never leave your hands when traveling again!

Wear comfy and versatile clothing!

One of the most important things when traveling in style is to wear something that both looks nice and feels good. Make sure to pack a suitcase consisting of versatile clothing items, which can be mixed and combined. Pack clothes that does not need neither ironing nor washing on an everyday basis. White shirts, jeans, ballerinas/flats, a pair of high heels and a cardigan will take you a long way! Also bring a scarf, a belt and accessories to create a different expression to each outfit. Materials such as silk, cotton and cashmere are both easy to pack and very comfy.


Travel in style!

Wear elegant jewelry, but don’t overdo it 

Of course this depends on the destination you are heading to, so always stick to the international recommendations. When that is said and done a bit of bling is always nice to have in case you are going out for a fancy dinner, cocktails etc. Gold and silver can be mixed, but make sure to try it on at home before you bring it along. A simple watch can be combined with a stack of bracelets, rings etc., and a dash of color on a scarf or a bracelet can brighten up any black outfit.

Stay hydrated 

Obviously, you need to stay hydrated when traveling. Make sure to drink enough water both before, during and after your flight as flying is extremely drying for the skin. Did you know that drinking alcohol during a flight will only make this worse? So stick to water and keep a bottle in your bag throughout the whole journey.

Wear an elegant and subtle makeup 

It is possible to wear a day makeup that doesn’t fade away during the day. There’s plenty of looks to copy, but our favorite is: a good moisturizer, a primer to set the makeup, a mineral powder foundation and concealer to cover red areas and baggy eyes, a volumizing mascara, a blusher, an eye brow pencil and Eight Hour Cream on the lips. Last-mentioned can also be used as a highlighter and a brow fixator! Oh, and a pocket mirror always comes in handy as well.


Bring the right equipment!

Keep hydrators in your purse 

We are not only referring to the important bottles of water…a face mist, lip balm, hand cream and face/body moisturizer are all essentials if you want to look fresh faced and well rested upon arrival! Just remember to bring cabin friendly sizes (maximum 100 ml. per item).

Exchange to local currency before departing 

It is always a good idea to carry at least a small amount of the local currency with you in case you can not use a credit card, there is a problem with your bank etc. Store the cash  in a safe place where nobody can reach them.

Stay warm on the flight

No matter where you are going, it is always a bit chilly on the plane. Keep warm with a poncho or a cashmere cardigan, which can easily be tucked into your handbag upon arrival if needed. Alternatively, bring a plaid or blanket.


Stay warm with a cashmere cardigan or plaid on board your flight!

Bring a bottle of eye drops 

Air pollution and allergy can annoy the eyes, but due to the dry air on a plane, flying can too! Eyes can be quite red and irritated both during and after a flight – just like the skin! Prevent this situation by carrying a small bottle of eye drops, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Always carry a notebook and a pen with you

You never know when you are gonna need it! For creative types this is a must – and it is just not the same with an iPad, iPhone etc.! An old-fashioned notebook can also be used as a diary or for inspiring thoughts and ideas on the journey.


It’s always a good idea to bring a notebook in your bag!

Get some rest

This is especially important if you are flying overnight and need to stay focused on work, meetings etc. upon arrival. If it is difficult for you to sleep on a plane, bring some relaxing music and ask for a pillow and a blanket. It usually helps! Last, but not least try to avoid coffee and alcohol if you can.  

Acquire a quality handbag

Traveling in style obviously requires a quality hand bag in a soft, strong material such as leather or suede.
It is recommended to spend a little extra on a good bag as it should last for a long time and be able to contain some of your most treasured belongings. Most quality bags only look more beautiful after they have been gently used.

Preparation equals overview

Make sure not to stress or complicate things, especially when traveling. Remember; ”It is not the destination but the journey itself that matters”. Chic travelers are calm and collected – they prepare for the journey and adjust to any changes that may come.


Happy travels! 


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